View Full Version : Problems installing game, missing items

18th Jul 2003, 18:21
I have installed the program 'Tomb Raider the angel of darkness', and I have some problems with it.

Some characters are 'broken'. missing fases , loose eyeballs and that sort of things.
Pieces of body lying all over the place . the statues also have missing pices, and even a missing shotgun in the hands of Lara.

SO .... I downloaded the Patch but that generates an error.
It says it installed ok , but when starting the game it searches for \data\fmv\eidos.mpg. (while I see that it is there)

Anybody got an idea ?

Hugo van den Bosch.

18th Jul 2003, 22:11
I havent installed the patch yet but it could be that the patch only patches the game on a standard location? like it has to be installed on %systemroot%/program files/etc..

another possibility is that your drivers of the graphics card are out of date. Did u update them yet?

22nd Jul 2003, 14:18
i dunno how to fix the people with messed up bodies etc, cause ive got that too, but with the error message at game startup do this to fix it:

1.goto the graphics section in settings
2. tick FMV
3. tick all the options under FMV, apart from VMR9 (or watever it is)