View Full Version : Bio whatever,how do you grap the pipe?

18th Jul 2003, 16:37
How do you jump and grab that pipe when it is out of range and you can't push boxes because of not strong enough?I don't get it!!

18th Jul 2003, 18:03
I'm not sure exactly where it is that you're speaking of here, Rodsok. Can you be a little more specific or descriptive of the area you mean?

18th Jul 2003, 19:51
If your in the bio-resarch facility where the creatures break out of the incubatuin chambers theres two balconies one on each side. Theres a pipe running up the wall on one side behind some ferns. All you have to do is stand with your back facing the wall and jump up and grap the pipe. Hope that helps

19th Jul 2003, 16:32
I am stuck in the area with the blue security lasers and the gates with the dogs on the other side.I finished the area with the shipping containers,did the crane thing,went thru the door to the area with boxes that you can move around,but your not strong enough to move two boxes on top of one another.There is steam blocking the top of the gate and a pipe on the ceiling you can grab,but you cannot because of the steam.Does anyone know where I am?
frusterated in tacoma!!!

19th Jul 2003, 16:36
i think your in strahov, basicly you got to move the very top box nearer to the fence, to get the power up to be able to move the stack of 2 boxes, to allow you to turn off the steam. wont tell you exactly how to do it(there are other posts on this forum explaining how) but remember you dont need as much space to pull and push boxes as in previous TR games.