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18th Jul 2003, 16:33


:eek: :eek: :eek:

warning: the new trailer contains many spoilers

btw: gamershell.com also mentions that there will be a PC version for defiance:

Matt from Spam Buddies
18th Jul 2003, 17:03
Jumping grandma on a stick!

And I thought this was a joke... this better not be a joke! :D

Downloading it right now...

- Matthew

18th Jul 2003, 17:18
omg that was fantastic a major plot spoiler dont watch it if you dont wanna know
but man i just gotta say the way Raz floats is new,the way he shifts throoo gates is so cool and we get to see a bit of that new shifting realms Raz does and he can climb in the spectral realm i think(climb walls i mean)

Im gonna watch all the demos i can just not take it in and start makng thoughts about how the game is gonna !

Reaver of Souls
18th Jul 2003, 17:28
Who was it that came up with joygasm? Whoever it was, I'm borrowing it, because I just had one.

Oooh...the old style of music returns, and it sounds better than ever, yay! :D Wow...I want this game, soooo much, oh well, I can wait till November, I hope....:rolleyes:

18th Jul 2003, 17:30
Thank You Mister_jack for sharing! :D Im gonna watch it right now.

Matt from Spam Buddies
18th Jul 2003, 17:32
Woah... this trailer... is... amazing... :eek:

People, who haven't seen the trailer and who don't plan to watch it, DO NOT read the following spoiler.

01: Raziel can scale walls in Spectral
02: Raziel seemed to cast a Fire Glyph or something
03: There are the good old Shades in the game
04: Raziel seems to possess the Spirit Glyph in Spectral
05: There's a little Shift Glyph icon indicating that You're in Spectral
06: The Lost Souls seem to have limbs
07: The Hylden-like wraith spirits belong to Thralls
08: The Spectral Wraiths have three eyes
09: We can see Raziel phase through gates and shift Realms
10: When Raziel cast the Spirit Glyph in Spectral, almost all of the Shades in the next room died instantly!


This game... will... rock our world...

- Matthew

18th Jul 2003, 17:41
i just watched it and it is very hella great, the fighting is amazing and doesn't have a DMC feel to it (maybe its the lack of jumping) it also has a darker feel to it than the other LOK games

18th Jul 2003, 17:48
ooh yeah how ignorant of me
thanx a lot for bringing this to our attention (tho some may chastise you for spoiling the game for them,but they just shouldnt watch)

this game is gonna be fantabulistic ,if thats a word

Apocrypha Roxy
18th Jul 2003, 18:00
Sweet Mother of Christ...

Just watched it. 3 times in a row. OH MY GOD. OH MY FRICKIN' GOD.

This trailer has a darker, more sinister, more DRAMATIC feel that the one at IGN. The music also suits it better. It's beautiful. The wording, the severity of it all, it's breathtaking.

Now, if you excuse me, I need to change my underwear... :p

18th Jul 2003, 18:01
Do you think that the Raziel-a-likes at the beginning of the trailer could be Raziels offspring? As someone said before, maybe Kain sent them to another time period and didn't destroy them. Razielium (sp?) vs. Hylden?
Purely speculation, of course, with no evidence to back it.

18th Jul 2003, 18:08
Uhhh, how long did it take you guys to download the trailer on a 56k modem? It's telling me it'll take nearly two hours... :p

Dark God Francisco
18th Jul 2003, 18:09
Man I needed that after the hell like experience I suffered seeing xenosaga 's unnecessary change this is a sobering and relieveing thing.

18th Jul 2003, 18:53
Oh my god...

Simply incredible:eek:


18th Jul 2003, 19:13
Originally posted by Raz
Uhhh, how long did it take you guys to download the trailer on a 56k modem? It's telling me it'll take nearly two hours... :p

Well, only an hour left Raz!

18th Jul 2003, 19:22
Thanks Mister_jack for sharing. :)
The new trailer looks fantastic!

18th Jul 2003, 19:28
yeah, its just too bad that I can't watch it:(
My computer can't play movies cos the movie player is too weak, I can't download the newest version for some techie reason I dunno why, and frankly I can't be bothered downloading fifty programs for a movie player, so i'll leave the Defince footage to my trustworthy PSW mag DVD:D
It'll be worth it:D

18th Jul 2003, 19:40

18th Jul 2003, 20:02






18th Jul 2003, 20:04
It's alright warp! I tried another link and I got it within twenty-five minutes... it must've been due to traffic on the mirror I was trying to download from! ;)

Oh, and a big "Thankyou!" to someguysteve who took the trouble to PM me with a reply to my question earlier... :D

Apocrypha Roxy
18th Jul 2003, 20:30
Leazy - try downloading the new version of Winamp (www.winamp.com) - it's a great mediaplayer, and I watch all of my movies in either it or Quicktime (depending on the format).

18th Jul 2003, 20:31
I must touch this game.

18th Jul 2003, 20:48
This download is taking to long!!http://www.freeadpower.org/~mrsmiles/cwm/cwm/sd3.gif

Edit:This trailer is very cool.....what are those portals in spectral realm?do they mark where there's a dead body?

I guess when raziel does that special landing that everyone likes is when he's gonna fight those two winged beings at the begging of the trailer.http://www.gamers-forums.com/smilies/cwm/3dlil/hoo.gif :D :p

18th Jul 2003, 20:55
That is the coolest trailer in the history of the universe. If we ever build more probes like Voyager I and II, we need to put it on the video disc inside.

This is totally going to be the best game ever. Did you all see that super-explodey-ring attack, and then the Reaver got super bright, like something even cooler was about to happen? Wow!

Secrets Of Nosgoth
18th Jul 2003, 21:06
I've never had to click so many things just to get one video. But in a short while I will behold what you have hyped up so much. And there will be much rejoicing.

Secrets Of Nosgoth
18th Jul 2003, 21:09
In the words of Keanu Reeves, "whoa."

Great trailer.

18th Jul 2003, 21:10
lol. You said ring......*boyish s*******

yeah, it's looks amazing. I love the way raziel seemed to be flying in the spectral realm. maybe that's because of the lack of air there?

The portal in spectral was strange. I thought that portals were romoved all together?

the way kain stuck the reaver into the guards chest and twisted it about was cool as hell.

18th Jul 2003, 21:14
The whole thing was cool as hell! If I weren't at work right now and two cubes from my manager, I'd be watching it over and over and over!

18th Jul 2003, 21:34
With a little frame-by-frame playing through the trailer, I have managed to uncover a bit of a subliminal message within--

At every "flash" of text during the trailer, pause your movie player and use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move through the frames, you'll see one of two images.

One image is a far off little bell-shaped angel, nothing special there.

However, the other image is the bust of a feathered-winged individual who'se face is CLEARLY that of Vampire Lieutenant Raziel. You'll see a closer shot of the face again hidden between the frames.

This suggests to me that we haven't seen the last of Raziel's non-fallen form, and with 'ancient' wings no less.

18th Jul 2003, 21:43

I loved the scene where Raziel thrusts the Reaver through a thrall. The body slides down toward the hilt, while the soul hangs there, impaled on the end of the Wraith Blade. That kicked ass.


Kain's Ancient Blade
18th Jul 2003, 22:00

18th Jul 2003, 22:04
At 00:01:09 you can see how the blood reaver blows up one of the throlls like in BO1.

18th Jul 2003, 22:42
As my thread states, the Ancients are really the Razielim.

I think.:cool:

18th Jul 2003, 22:57
As Raziel stated at the end of the final trailer of Soul Reaver 2: "My God."

Now I can die happy. Or at least get some sleep. :D

18th Jul 2003, 23:14
@ least ive got thesehttp://burns.thefinaldimension.org/contrib/dvv/asthanos.gif to keep me happy and three defiance videos to boot! im content for nowhttp://smilies.crowd9.com/contrib/slim2g/Ink_Pee.gif (these are so cool im gonna end up getting these banned lol)

19th Jul 2003, 00:12
This one is really cool.http://burns.thefinaldimension.org/contrib/edoom/throwup.gif

Al Diablo
19th Jul 2003, 00:19
its great and once agian we see the statue's recieving a prime place in the trailer it might just be me but i think there is more to these stateus then simply some guardians in front of voradors mansion

Edit: hmmm this maybe the dark ones version of the age old scheme "if we make a copy of our most powerful enemy we are unstopable muhahahahahaha"

19th Jul 2003, 01:50
That's a good point about Raziel not fighting humans in any of the shots we've seen.

I think Raziel is 500 years ahead of Kain in time, after Evil Janos has emerged from the demon dimension and the Hylden have conquered all of Nosgoth. It would be like a parallel take on the first Soul Reaver, only it would be a world crawling with Hylden instead of vampires. Kain's empire would never have existed, and he and Raziel would have been expelled from history like the end of SR2 talks about.

This is going to be so cool!

19th Jul 2003, 02:22

I don't want to type in caps.. but OH MY GOD!!


(I'm swearing.. bad habit I know, and I've got a limited vocab... probably due to my foul language)



This is totally, really, extraordinally going to be the BEST game EVER!

Now, I can sleep. At 3:21am.

I stayed up an extra 20 minutes SOLEY to watch this trailer. The best 20 minutes of my life.

Now... last thing:

OH MY GOD!!!!!

In the Questions thread, Chris said something along the lines of "No longer aided by the Elder God, Raziel will have to find his own means back to the Material Realm".

In this clip, we see Raziel in Spectrel, 'shifting' (and I use this term loosely) into Material, yet when he emerges, we don't see Raziel, just a person... could this be possesion? Or transformation?


19th Jul 2003, 02:42
I remember that Lucent said that when raziel shifted into the material realm that a corpse came out of the floor and it would slowly turn into raziel but we didn't get to see the whole thing I guess the portals mark where there's a corpse.

19th Jul 2003, 03:06
Indeed, that crwling out of the ground shot is Raziel shifting bac into th material plane. He crawls up as a corpse, and the flesh of the corpse tears off into the body of Raziel ^_^

All the shots in the new trailer are from the demo.

blue ancient
19th Jul 2003, 04:34




19th Jul 2003, 06:17
i just keep playing the 3 over and over and overhttp://www.gamers-forums.com/smilies/otn/monsters/vampy.gif vamps rulehttp://smilies.crowd9.com/contrib/ed/spin.gif

Secrets Of Nosgoth
19th Jul 2003, 07:46
This may be a bit far fetched but watching the trailer in slow motion gives me the impression that Raziel may turn evil in the game. If there are any subliminal impressions to be given, that is what I got.

There are two busts used, one is used after or right before a Kain clip, that one from a distance is far back, and the close up blue in the next frame. It is first displayed when it talks about an unlike hero or something.

The other one is obviously Raziel pre-disfigurement. It's a lighter blue and is only brought up with another frame of "...is an evil..." and before and after some Raziel clips. And the close up is just to show its Raziel in case there were any doubts in the first frame of the statue.

Both busts are winged, so throw a weight on either side of this theory and it falls apart easily.

And here is a non-related question that nobody can answer but may be fuel for discussion:

Are the winged enemies here actually the ancients or statues of ancients?

19th Jul 2003, 08:15
Though I posted late, there is no doubt that this is obviously the best trailer ever put together in the history of video games. With both Kain and Raz fighting for Nosgoth I dont care what dark forces are at work they cant possible win, though maybe not on one accord yet, I say by the end of the game they should be.

Postscript:S.ofNosgoth tell me you were just joking when you posted that.

Sade Lyrate
19th Jul 2003, 12:08
... ... ... ... ...

Me want! Me want! ME WANTS IT!!!

(even though there's something about the eariier trailer's
music that makes me prefer it...)

Me want to see Kain! Me want to see Raz!!!

If nothing else, people at CD/Eidos know how to do trailers!!!
(and so far, I've found preciously little to complain about the games, too...)

...reduced to an enthralled, hysteric Italian fangirl...

Me wantsss it!

...and it's only 15:07, here...I just got up a few hours ago...


EDIT: 'Italian' is in no way meant to mock/hurt anyone's
feelings/as a derogatory comment...it's just about
the only word that comes my lil' mind at the moment
to describe the mode I fall into every time I get _reaaal_
excited about something and begin speaking wayyy too fast...;)
And, for the record, Italia, its language and culture are
another love of mine...:D

But I want this game! (Though I'm quite happy to wait
'till its _FINISHED_ properly!)

Yours, euphoric :D

Kain's Ancient Blade
19th Jul 2003, 14:12
And, for the record, Italia, its language and culture are Are you from Italy? And if you are what part?
I"m from Sicily

And CD definately knows how to make trailers. I want that game really really really bad.

Defiance. My anti-drug.

Matt from Spam Buddies
19th Jul 2003, 14:28
Heh. You know what...

Yesterday, just when this thread was made, and I first learned about the trailer, I downloaded it. Took some 15 minutes or so. Later when I watched it, over and over and over again, my old PC's monitor burned up!

Haha! I told You this trailer is FLAMING HOT!

Boy, no really. My old PC's monitor burned up, smoke started coming out from it and my dad shut the whole thang down. Since our two PC's share the same connection, I couldn't use the internet either. So yeah, Roxy, that's why I disappeared so rudely. ;)

And this game... will... rock our world...

- Matthew

19th Jul 2003, 15:04
lol typical everything comes with a price,
first they start by giving us pics of a winged one then they give us a video that will bust our monitors "they" were correct ,C.D are misleading us;)

Apocrypha Roxy
19th Jul 2003, 16:07
I'm Italian - Sicilian, Neapolitan and Calabrese. Italy is beautiful - can't wait to visit there, sometime. And Malta. I have a friend who is half Maltese. It's like Sicily, but smaller. It's ALWAYS hot there...

-screams like a Raziel fangirl-

Hey, if I get a job at EB Games, I'll get a discount and EB gets games ahead of schedule. SO I'll get a looksie at the Defiance package before everyone else. And probably set up a demo in the window...

That is if I get a job there. I've been job-hunting. Need to visit King's Plaza today...

EEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! -jumps up and down-

Need to take a closer look at the trailer, go frame by frame. I want to see all those goodies you all discovered...



19th Jul 2003, 19:02
Heres my thoughts on Raziels shifting from spectral abbility,maybe you need to kill the host bodys soul (kinda like the way the basins were protected in Soul Reaver 2?
Then when their soul is comsumed you gain access to there physical shell,and i hope we get to find out how Raz aquired this ability.

Secrets Of Nosgoth
19th Jul 2003, 19:12
That was me throwing all rational thought about what I truely believe has happened in the legacy of kain series and looking solely at what the hell those damned five different subliminal frames mean.

I wasn't joking, but it surely isn't what I believe.

My question still stands though.

20th Jul 2003, 00:12
After watching it almost all day, after being extremely hyper. After spazzing out like a little school girl - I can't see how any can't get excited about this game!

This trailer is (not that I'd know) better than sex.

*reclines and lights a smoke*

20th Jul 2003, 00:20
LOL @ Omega.
Yeah, I've watched it a few dozen times, too. Think I'll have a cig, myself. http://www.imagemagician.com/images/rook/vestieri/smoken.gif

**Rook suddenly remembers she doesn't smoke...** http://www.imagemagician.com/images/rook/survali/zombie.gif


20th Jul 2003, 00:40
Good. It's a bad habbit.

Saying that, I've just had one so I'll just shutup now :p

Apocrypha Roxy
20th Jul 2003, 00:44
Hypocrite... :p

Besides, everyone knows chocolate is the perfect compliment to a joygasm such as the aforementioned trailer.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to raid the local store for Nutella... and Hershey's bars... it's gonna be a looooong night.

I'm addicted. They don't have Chocaholics Anonymous. I wouldn't go there, anyway... :p I'm proud of my addiction, DAMNIT!! PROUD!! :D

Kain's Ancient Blade
20th Jul 2003, 01:06
Hey Roxy I love Nutella too. That's like the biggest shiznit in Italy. And Fanta too. Even though it's getting popular here it was big in Italy for like the last 15 years. It also taste better in Italy.

20th Jul 2003, 01:45
Originally posted by Apocrypha Roxy

Besides, everyone knows chocolate is the perfect compliment to a joygasm such as the aforementioned trailer.

So true, so true.

http://www.imagemagician.com/images/rook/wayfarer/bow.gif http://www.imagemagician.com/images/rook/bramoni/f_choc.gif http://www.imagemagician.com/images/rook/wayfarer/bow.gif

Razielim Angel
20th Jul 2003, 05:44
*downloads and watches trailer* HOLY...FRICKIN'....CRAP!!!!!! :eek:
*Screams the Razzy fan-girl scream*
DUDE!!! That was so frickin AWSOME! Look at all the new stuff Razzy-kins can do! *oogles as she watches the trailer again*
Oh yeah, Kain was cool too I guess :p

Secrets Of Nosgoth
20th Jul 2003, 07:27
What I like the most is the sound of Kain implailing an enemy with the reaver.

20th Jul 2003, 07:36

I wanna see this much acclaimed trailer, but the page is coming up

The page cannot be displayed



right? O-O;;

20th Jul 2003, 08:19
I thought that was the right page, but it says something about 'too many connections'. I think we swamped them. Whoopsie.

Try waiting for a while and trying again.

20th Jul 2003, 08:39
hrm. it doesn't even say "too many connections" when I try..but it sounds likely you're right.
Whoopsie indeed. o.o I guess I'll try again tomorrow.

Matt from Spam Buddies
20th Jul 2003, 09:08
Meh. I uploaded the second trailer on my personal server, now You can get it without huffing and puffing too much.


- Matthew

20th Jul 2003, 11:34
Hey ,how about some recognition for Matt:D
The demo does thishttp:// to his monitor and hes still endorsing it on his server
Thats devotion for you,;)

20th Jul 2003, 13:30
...must see trailer...
...must have game...

20th Jul 2003, 14:14
PC version announcment brought a smile on my face :D

Apocrypha Roxy
20th Jul 2003, 15:07
Originally posted by Kain's Ancient Blade
Hey Roxy I love Nutella too. That's like the biggest shiznit in Italy. And Fanta too. Even though it's getting popular here it was big in Italy for like the last 15 years. It also taste better in Italy.

I like to get the Italian one in Scaturro's - the label is in Italian, and they come with the collectible stamps from the calcio team Azzura (I think that's it). So, I've got one. Must add to the collezione...

OOOH You know what else is good? Goober. The PeanutButter and Jelly jar. I loove Goober. Ish the best!

I'm thinking of starting a Nutella shrine on my site. We can all be high priests/priestesses... :p

Matt - ever the loyal one. Monitor goes ka-poot and he puts the trailer up on his own site. What a guy... :D ;)

20th Jul 2003, 16:48
WOOOOOOOOOo im Speachless

And i havent even started dling yet;)

20th Jul 2003, 16:51
Does anyone think there will a plot explaination as to why the elemental Reavers are rolled into one? It could be something to do with the Reaver being changed at the end of SR2 or Raz might get the Spirit Reaver first before he finds any of the fonts. I think it was mentioned that the Spirit Reaver would have the abilities of all the other Reavers and would be a permant imbue. So maybe Raz has the Spirit Reaver from near the start and the Earth and Water forges just add to it's abilities. I hope the elemants can still play a part in the puzzles, 'cause I liked how the Air Reaver made you faster in the swamp (maybe now it will be a short burst of speed) and the Light Reaver let you see in the dark (maybe they'll make it a lot brighter but have it wear off like Kains BO1 Light spell.

20th Jul 2003, 16:52
i saw the new trailer, and man how i was wrong, the reaver in raziels hands looks so good (and deadly :) ).
you know, you can export this trailer to an image sequence and look piece by piece what raz and kain can do, QL.
november is no so far, IS IT :cool:

p.s. i must upgrade my cpu and gpu, the graphics and the effects look so sweet !!!

20th Jul 2003, 17:44
I downloaded it. Now how do I view it? Is there anything built in or do I need to download quicktime?

EDIT: Never mind. I just want to see that trailer.

20th Jul 2003, 17:57
Erf, you need quicktime to view it..? It's not letting me see the picture in winamp. o_O

BTW thanks muchly matt. :)

20th Jul 2003, 18:04
you need Quicktime

It just gets better everytime i watch it. there's one seen 54-55 seconds in with raziel using TK that looks so beautiful

20th Jul 2003, 18:17
That trailer was exelent :D.................. and did some1 say there was a PC version ( I know it says not to ask ths but that post was made a wile ago) :D

20th Jul 2003, 18:43
yes a pc version has been mentioned again (i think its confirmed but aint sure )so now everyone bar gamecube owners can play it!

Kain's Ancient Blade
20th Jul 2003, 18:58
yes a pc version has been mentioned again (i think its confirmed but aint sure )so now everyone bar gamecube owners can play it!
I think it's unfortunate for GC owners. I own a ps2 and gc, so I'll be getting it anyway. Just cause BO2 didn't do to well, should have anything to do with it. Besides they realeased it like almost a year later, what did they expect.

Matt from Spam Buddies
20th Jul 2003, 19:05
Zephonim said:
Hey ,how about some recognition for Matt :D

'Bout fricken' time. LOL. :D :p

Roxy said:
Matt - ever the loyal one. Monitor goes ka-poot and he puts the trailer up on his own site. What a guy... :D ;)

Yeah, baby, I think I got my mojo back. ;)

Threnodi said:
BTW thanks muchly matt. :)

You're very welcome. :)

- Matthew

20th Jul 2003, 19:11
Nah, don't feel sorry for Cubers (*s******* I made that up all by myself, *beams*) after all, they got the Resi remake and the MGS remake.
*whispers* sweet sweet revenge mwah haha

BTW thanx Roxy I'm downloading Winamp right now!:)

20th Jul 2003, 19:26
I think i read that winamp does not work go www.quicktime.com use that it works a treat.

20th Jul 2003, 19:34
I got to see it! That fire attack at the end is awesome!

"...no weapon, no hero, no army..."

Well if the story's as dramatic as the trailer, this is going to be the single greatest game ever made!

20th Jul 2003, 19:41
this is going to be the single greatest game ever made!

hahaha as if there was ever any doubt!:D

Matt from Spam Buddies
20th Jul 2003, 22:40
punkst4r... Your new sig... is... um... er... well... what's the word... 'violent'...

- Matthew

21st Jul 2003, 02:25
:D man that sig is sweet...

Blue Winged Fellow
21st Jul 2003, 16:17
Did anyone notice that in second 65, when Raziel "shifts" into Material realm, his life meter isn't full... I wonder if it has anything to do with:

a) the fact that is just a DEMO, or
b) the resulting "carcass" that we get to see in material realm.

Someone pointed before that Raziel's body burst out (or something like that) of that Body we see in the trailer when shifting to material. Was like that in the demo you played in E3?

I don't think he is really possessing a fallen body, Instead I think they're showing him more like a Zombie coming from the ground, and since his life meter is not full, his body is not fully restored, he looks more like one of Melchia's vampires. Or maybe the cinematic is not shown fully, and he will regenerate his body over a quick time. I like the other idea though, that he can shift in anytime he wants, provided he finds a portal, but his physical body will be according to the amount of life he has when he shifts.

I thought this from the trailer but after I read through this thread, I think it was a far fetched theory.

At the end of the trailer, what if this is only a "resurrection" of the Glyph magic from SR1? We thought that Raziel had lost it in SR2. What if he still had it, but didn't need to use it? Let's face it, what sort of damage would the Sun Glyph do to some humans? Skin cancer? or the Water Glyph? (Ok, maybe I'm just trying to give a reason for CD which doesn't need to be)

Finally, since we're speaking about nationalities I'm also half Italian-Sicilian. The other half is Venezuelan. Don't ask which half is which, my parent's never told me! :D

21st Jul 2003, 17:13
After watching this trailer, I really want this game! The only problem is I have yet to see the 1st one yet. Do any of you know where I can find the download of the 1st one under the same format as this one? Thanks in advanced.:)

Matt from Spam Buddies
21st Jul 2003, 17:23
Here (http://www.eidosinteractive.com/video/vidstart.php?videoname=09MAY03_WEB_LOK) You go, mate.

And if You don't want to stream, then click right over here (http://ftp.eidos.com/pub/videos/lok/09may03_web_lok.zip) to download it.

They're both from Eidos Interactive's official LOK-D download section. :)

- Matthew

Apocrypha Roxy
21st Jul 2003, 18:09
OH, this game is SOOO gonna rock my world...

November can only come too soon...

21st Jul 2003, 18:16
Looks like i`ll be on the net for another 25 minutes.:rolleyes:

Thanks matt, it looks like your a big help on these boards.:D

Matt from Spam Buddies
21st Jul 2003, 18:39
Originally posted by InsaneScorpion331
Thanks matt, it looks like your a big help on these boards.:D

You're very welcome. :)

Have You seen the gameplay one (the second video out of three)? The one without sound, featuring Raziel in the dungeon fighting Thralls and Kain on the bridge fighting the Sarafan.

- Matthew

21st Jul 2003, 18:41
never even heard of that one. but what type of file was that, i downloaded it but it doesnt work.:confused:

Apocrypha Roxy
21st Jul 2003, 18:46
There are 2 from IGN, one from GamersHell (the one posted in this thread).

The IGN one with the sound was the first trailer - cool music. Well, at least I liked it. The second one is without sound, but features really good game footage with alot of action. :cool:

This one is by far the best. Use Quicktime (I had to upgrade a while ago to see another trailer).

You won't be dissappointed. Trust me, dah-ling. :p

Matt from Spam Buddies
21st Jul 2003, 18:50
Oh? Hmmm... Either try streaming or You're going to have to get the latest codec for Your DivX player. Which one are You using?
divx.com should help.

As for the gameplay video.
Click here (http://ps2movies.ign.com/ps2/video/legacykain_free_051403.mov) to download it or click here (http://mediaviewer.ign.com/ignMediaPage.jsp?media_id=1721895&object_id=536027&channel_id=70&page_title=Legacy+of+Kain%3A+Defiance&adString=network%3Dign%26site%3Dps2%26pagetype%3Dvideo&return_url=http%3A%2F%2Fps2.ign.com%2Fobjects%2F536%2F536027.html) to stream it.

It's in QuickTime format.

- Matthew

21st Jul 2003, 19:00
I`ll download that later. But going back to the whole meening of this topic anyway. Have you all seen the part in the trailer where Raziel goes into spectral. I couldent even tell he was doing that untill I did a frame by frame cheak. It diddent really look like he blew himself up though. It just looked kind of............weird.

Apocrypha Roxy
21st Jul 2003, 19:36
He like exploded-imploded himself. Kinda went poof. Right?

Wierd, but cool. :)

21st Jul 2003, 19:41
Have any of you seen the part where kain blows up the troll?

The Amazing Rando
21st Jul 2003, 20:01
Originally posted by punkst4r
kain blows up the troll?

troll=(among other mythological/fantasy beings) a person being a pain online. Something a moderator takes care of.

Thrall=LoK enemy that Kain would be fighting. Now when Kain moves into the Lord of the Rings world, then maybe he'll fight some trolls.

21st Jul 2003, 20:12
Originally posted by The Amazing Rando
troll=(among other mythological/fantasy beings) a person being a pain online. Something a moderator takes care of.

Thrall=LoK enemy that Kain would be fighting. Now when Kain moves into the Lord of the Rings world, then maybe he'll fight some trolls.

Why do you need to point out little insignificant spelling errors if you know what I mean?

21st Jul 2003, 20:13
Originally posted by The Amazing Rando
troll=(among other mythological/fantasy beings) a person being a pain online. Something a moderator takes care of.

Thrall=LoK enemy that Kain would be fighting. Now when Kain moves into the Lord of the Rings world, then maybe he'll fight some trolls.

but to answer the question ,yes i did see when kain blew up the thrall(who the fckuk named them that?) , in fact that is the reavers finishing move as you may have read the reavers need sustenance in this game to become stronger so kain can either drink the blood freom the jugular or through telekenisis(bo1&bo2 style) or the Blood reaver can be fed,same with raz and the reaver (apart from he doesnt suck blood ,souls instead!)

31st Jul 2003, 21:37
I just watched that silent gameplay vidio...couple odd things:

Did you guys see how raziel seemed to fall every time he jumped like he was underwater? He fell really slow and wasn't gliding. Kain did the same thing, even floated for awhile while doing a TK attack on someone. You think the TK is powerful enough they both fall really slow now? o-O

Other thing, Kain was mowing some people down but their blood was flying all over. I'm surprised that either Kain or the reaver wasn't sucking it up. In SR2 when Raz has the blood reaver every drop that spills is sucked up by it. Maybe it doesn't work so autoatically for Kain or something.

1st Aug 2003, 22:41
OOooooh Yeah! More Please! This game is gonna rock!