View Full Version : Could TR: TAoD have been better if...

18th Jul 2003, 14:24
they had decided to make either the PC or PS2 version first then released the other version later instead of trying to make both versions at the same time? I.E., GTA III or GTA Vice City.

When I mean better I mean without as many bugs/glitches or better still with NO bugs/glitches.

The game is OK but could have been better. Although I've mastered the controls they are far from ideal and I have noticed the odd bug/glitch. Although they haven't affected my overall experience of the game they are noticeable. There are times when Lara will not move or maneouvre the way you expect her to.

There are things missing that shouldn't have been missed, i.e., Vibration, etc. Even the manual isn't correct.

Incidentally I own the PS2 version.