View Full Version : How do i kick the door on the 2nd floor?

18th Jul 2003, 13:30
Please, i need help in 2nd Level "Derelict Apartment Block".There is a door on the 2nd floor and i have to kick it but i do not know how to do that!!!Where is the KICK button..!???Is there any other way to get to the 3rd floor?When i got to the 2nd, some huge stone crashed on the floor and make a huge hole in it that i can not jump over..How do i get across?Please, HELP...Thank you.

18th Jul 2003, 13:57
You can actually jump across that gap....I can't remember if you need to press the 'action' button after you jump to grab the other side....try that anyway.

With regards to the door...there isn't a kick button...Lara will automatically kick the door if you use the action button on the door.....you need to go upstairs first to get the powerup though.

18th Jul 2003, 14:08
Further up the stairs you have to move a block. Once done you'll become stronger and you will then be able to return to the door and open it.