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kathy 5
18th Jul 2003, 13:10
Level Skip: Quickly press L2, R2, L2 (twice), R2, L2, R2, L2, R2, L2 (four times), R2, L2, R2 (four times), L2 during game play. You'll hear Lara say "No" if you're entered the code correctly. If you entered the code correctly, Lara will say "No."

do I have to press all of the buttons In the whole code fast or just the first ones???

18th Jul 2003, 16:08
All of them. And I'm assuming these are for TR3.

Don't cheat.

kathy 5
18th Jul 2003, 17:19
yes they are & I couldn't get them to work so just now am I Into the secound part of Inda