View Full Version : snowboard crashes

In Flames
18th Jul 2003, 12:56
hi everybody guys!!

when I'm in Icicle Village and I want to reach Great Glacier with the snowboard, the game crashes.
I use win xp with a Pentium III 1000 MHz.
I've already installed the ff7 xp patch, but it still doesn't work.

help me!


18th Jul 2003, 14:49
Sometimes playing the game in quarter screen mode, will get you past the mini-game....might want to put in in Softwaremode, too; to slow it down some. Or maybe, trying Basic Sound Acceleration, will work? There is no real fix for this crash. no one seems to know why it works on one machine and not on another....might be Sound Card Related.

IF that doesn't work...only other choice would be for someone else to get you through.