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18th Jul 2003, 12:54
Here Markus again. I am level by the name THE STRAHOV FORTRESS in the target, where should box to put to the certain orders so that I would get to the small pipe. How box is arranged?

Summer regards: Markus.

18th Jul 2003, 13:04
Theres another thread that deals with this query but what you need to is:

look up and you will see a pipe which can take you to the opposite side. You have to arrange the boxes so that the box on the highest level is exactly below the pipe. You'll suddenly get an upgrade(very stupid)

18th Jul 2003, 13:09
How I arrange the boxes

18th Jul 2003, 13:31
Thanks for your help Moe888uk and good the continuation of the summer.

18th Jul 2003, 14:36
If you still need help, hmm, have you used the two other boxes which are lying around in that area. They will help you in pulling boxes on a higher level.

18th Jul 2003, 15:58
You see, the Boaz/Ghosts/Spiders... or whatever are easy !

The boxes are killing us all ! Way too difficult ! :D