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18th Jul 2003, 11:43
:( I am having problems with the save/load in the game, game says it has saved ok but when i go to load it doesn't list any files, is anyone else having this problem and have they cured it.....please help cause i am getting real bored with playing the first couple of levels over and over again.

18th Jul 2003, 17:42
Yes, I am still having this problem and have heard nothing from EIDOS support about a resolution. I can only save games by using F5 shortcut but have to start a new game and hit F9 to access the game again. I have tried MANY suggestions without results. Hope someone with an answer can respond to both of us. Have even tried downloading others' saved games into my file. The games are there but the game doesn't recognize them when I go to Load Game. HELP!:mad:

18th Jul 2003, 18:14
I have managed to get the save/load working on the F5 & F9 keys but when i exit the game and come back to it the save game will not load and all the keys i have mapped have returned to default i am getting really pissed with this game it seems it is becoming a waste of my money.

22nd Jul 2003, 22:06
I'm having problems with save/load too.. I click save then when I try to load there is nothing to choice from and nothing to load...I got the patch which seems to have messed more things up but if I could just save and load a game I wouldn’t mind the rest...If anyone could help it would be appreciated

24th Jul 2003, 08:47
Firstly, make sure you haven't saved the game in an unusual directory, preferably, the default is best.

Then make sure if on 2000/XP that you are playing the game as the administrator or that you have full admin rights and that you didnt install as an admin, then trying to play as a different user account- this would probably mean that you don't have the right permissions to write to the hard disk.

You might want to also clean out your c:\windows\TEMP folder to make sure you have a big enough swap file thing.

again, a list of savedgames can be found on the UK site's support section in the form of a ZIP file which might help.

26th Jul 2003, 14:54
I've got this problem too.

The saves are there in the directory, just that they aren't loaded.
WTF is this.

I installed the game into the default directory, the saves aren't read only, wtf.

26th Jul 2003, 15:10
I figured it out guys.

Put Disc one into the freaking drive, I had Disc 2 sitting in there, and thats what the install finished on so I left it in there since I did a full install (I didn't expect data to be needed from the CDs)

but I plop Disc 1 into the drive, and my 4 save games appear. Voila :D

26th Jul 2003, 15:18
Aww what the hell! It worked, I SWEAR it DID!

I looked to my left, saw disc one laying there, and i popped it in. I run the game, and I see the four saves that I made sitting there, RIGHT THERE! Then I quit to come tell you guys and when I go load the game up again and open the load games screen they aren't there!! *Pulls hair out and screams*

26th Jul 2003, 15:44
Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou, you deserve a big sloppy kiss Case;) :D

26th Jul 2003, 15:50
Make sure you start the game from the disk autorun menu and not the desktop shortcut otherwise it doesn't work:cool:

26th Jul 2003, 15:51
Heheh, uh, no problem :D You actually solved half of it, I kept trying to do it again, but it didn't work.

Did you hear that? Disk AUTORUN guys, thanks yeti!

26th Jul 2003, 17:32
Didn't work for me! :mad:
Lara's Mom

26th Jul 2003, 18:42
Are you sure? Well, maybe you've got a slightly different problem?

You just slide in Disc 1 into the drive, and it should bring up a Splash screen, (If it doesn't ,right click the drive icon in My Computer and click Autoplay) and then click Run Game from that splash screen.

It worked for me, and now I am in the Paris Sewers :D Schweet!

27th Jul 2003, 13:35
Glad this worked for you but I knew when I read it, it wouldn't for me. I've been having this problem for a month now. Have tried running the program from minimal installation (which requires disc to run) and still couldn't save. Have full installation now but even with the disc it will not save or load from the menu, I have to use F5 and F9 with a new game each time :mad: This was a MAJOR problem when going through the Breath of Hades!!!

I tried deleting all saved games on my C drive except current one in the file. When I did this, could not even retrieve it with F9. Had to restore all the old files to get it to resume play where I left off. I think my problem is more system related than CD related.

Thanks anyway. I'll keep exploring the problem but won't buy another TR in future until I read the boards first. I may ask EIDOS Tech Support for the 4th time (without response) for advice!

Lara's Mom

3rd Aug 2003, 01:10
I've been hitting f5, then when I die i start a new game then after Laura says "This looks like a safe area but i need to find a way out" i hit f9 and it takes me to the last place that I saved