View Full Version : Camera Angle has stuck on facing Lara

18th Jul 2003, 11:27
[PC version]

I was in game play on the Bio level in the room with the big fish/thing and climbing the pipe on the wall to shimmy over to the platform....when I got to FINALLY get over to it, some how the camera angle shifted.

It is now facing lara, and not from behind like normal game play. I dont know if its some keys I pressed or what, but I cannot get it back to normal.

I tried saving the game and reinstalling TRAOD and load the same game, and its still backwards.

However, if I start a new game, its fine?? why is this?

Does anyone know why it would do this? or how to change it? is there a list of camera controls for this that I cannot see??

I am heartbroken as I am so far into the game and its impossible to play now

18th Jul 2003, 12:27
Try using the look/sprint button. Hold it down while Lara is standing still, then wiggle your view around a bit (Num_Pad 0 by default on PC I think).

18th Jul 2003, 13:00
tried that, it doesnt work either. it just stands there and does a normal look around, even when I jiggle around it still does a standard look around :(

18th Jul 2003, 22:19
so the camera is looking towards her? hmm well.. I can think of worse views :D no idea how to solve it though.. gl

19th Jul 2003, 00:44
yeah you can make her run and watch her titties, rather than her ass.

But that aside, its so annoying not being able to continue, I have lost my drive to continue playing cos I dont want to start all over again....what a waste of money.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE if someone has a fix, let me know.


19th Jul 2003, 13:12

Try going back (I'm not that far, so I don't know if it's possible to shimmy back the way you came). If that fails, walk to a nearby ledge with a corner, walk up to the edge, hit the action button to make you climb down and hold on, then go around the corner (would probably work best on outward facing corners, so that the camera couldn't see you anymore unless it shifted around).

Also, try going into stealth mode, hugging up against a wall and getting off again. If that fails, do it again, but wall-hug to the nearest corner and look around it, then get away from the wall.

Is there ANYTHING nearby you can climb on? Swim in? Hug against? Hide behind? Can you get to a level change place (like a door?)

Basically I'm looking for actions that normally change the way the camera behaves (if there are any nearby areas that move the camera to a set position when you enter it, try going there), so that when you return to normal the camera hopefully fixes itself...

19th Jul 2003, 14:29
NZ I now hold hi regard for you Noo Zeelanders! I vow never to say another sheep joke again!

That worked!!!

So note for anyone else....Hug a wall and get off. That did the trick!!!

YOU RULE!!!!!!!!!

19th Jul 2003, 19:29
kick ass! I finished it! lol stayed up to 5.30am!! eekk

20th Jul 2003, 11:43
PH34R T3H Nu ZEE-L@NDA!!!!!

Yeah you know you love us. Though in future, save more often!!!

You have no idea how painful it is to go stealth against a door you just walked through only to find it teleports you all the way back to the very start with the training bits (but still with all your items/strength etc)

10th Sep 2003, 16:03
Um..one question...does her breast jiggle when she runs?!:rolleyes: