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18th Jul 2003, 08:54
Okay, since I don't particularly feel like hashing the details into the ground on this one, I'll stick to the basics of the theory, and if someone wants more detail, I'll get into it later.

Raziel was, at one time, a vampire, right? Right.

Raziel is STILL a form of vampire, although his sustenance comes in a different form now. Instead of draining blood, he drains souls - same general idea, different specific function.

That being the case - Raziel exists in a sort of duality - a split existence that causes him to essentially be multiple things at the same time - vampire, soul eater, and possibly something more.

Now, if we consider that the Ancients were placed under the vampiric curse by the Hylden, we could say that vampirism in Nosgoth essentially started at that point, right? Right.

Taking into account that most things in this game seem to be about reversals and opposites - i.e. Kain's "coin," it would make sense that just as the fates of Kain and Raziel have a diametrically opposed option to the one they are currently living, then there is also a type of mirror-opposite of the blood curse. Not saying this is definite, but at least in my mind, it makes sense.

Let us say, just for the sake of argument, that the opposing counter to the blood curse is the ability to consume souls - or, what Raziel has become.

Now, thinking back to what you may know of science, specifically acids and bases, how do you cancel a very strong acid? With an equally strong base. You use opposing forces against each other to cause neutralization of both. Anyone see where this is going yet?

The Reaver is a vampiric blade in its original form. In the form Raziel uses, it is a siphoner of souls. When the two are put together, they may become, in a sense, mutually excluding of each other - they will render the blade powerless. Or, much more likely, the cancellation of both distinct iterations of the blade, blood and soul, will result in something much more powerful.

If we consider that the Reaver is viewed as a "key," and the Pillars are some kind of "lock," then is it not just possible that the Reaver, being imbued with two opposing forces and used to unlock the Pillars, might somehow alleviate the curse placed on the Ancients?

Perhaps Raziel is not a savior of Nosgoth at all - but rather an unwitting (and if he knew the truth, unwilling) savior of a bunch of blue skinned, deceptive jerkwads?


Lozza Mate
18th Jul 2003, 10:01
interesting. but I don't think it quite works.

Firstly, I don't think the soul hunger would be viewed as the polar opposite of the blood lust. Lets not forget that the soul hunger is a natural evolution from blood lust (as displyed in vampire wraiths (including Raziel)). Also, I'm not under the impression that one of LoK's themes is the interaction of opposites.

The 'neutralization' of the reaver doesn't seem to work when put into practice. As you've detailed (provided soul/blood hunger are opposites) the reaver should become neutral once imbued with soul hunger. As we have all seen this is not what happens. Once the reaver was given the soul devouring ability, it became a devourer of souls, full stop. Not a powerless weapon. This further illustrates my belief that the soul hunger is an advanced evolutionary form of the blood lust of vampirism.

good theory, but I think it assumes a bit too much and tends to ignore aspects of the game's history.

18th Jul 2003, 11:18
Eh - it sounded hinky to me even as I was typing it out.

What I was basically getting at is that I do not believe Raziel is meant to save Nosgoth - he is meant, through being bound into the Reaver, to be the sacrificial lamb that will resurrect the Ancients.

I suppose my previous post was just a long-winded way of getting to that point.


20th Jul 2003, 20:05
parts of it make sense... like the whole 'redeemer and destroyer, pawn and messiah' part. but overall its a bit too assumpious.
although you may be able to alter it a little to make it match the
history of LOK. but ill leave that thinking up to you cuz thinking hurts my brain.