View Full Version : Lara Has New Super Powers in AOD

18th Jul 2003, 08:49
OK so I was as the Strahov fortress trying to figure out how to jump over a chain-linked fence. There are two leaky pipes at the top spewing out steam, and I guess Lara isnt too crazy about getting a steam facial coz she dies when any of that steam touches her.

Anyways, I was pushing and pulling the crates when I backed up against the fence, and POOF! Lara is on the other side!!!! COOL!

I think Lara may have latent mutant superpowers that are manifesting itself in AOD and we will be seeing more of in the future. SHe is like that kitty pride in the XMEN movie and I think pretty soon she will be recruited by Charles Xavier!!

Heehee, I love bugs that help me out like that :)