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18th Jul 2003, 03:21
According to blincon's site, I saw something about a game's name Legacy of Turelziver: Doll Reaver. Everything inside the game was just cut and paste from other LOK series game (except the turel doll) When I saw it, I just :"


What is that actually!? Is that someone gonna make a joke or they really want to release this funny version of LOK game!?

It's really funny when I look at the wallpaper section, it shows a big group of clone Turel...

Sorry, accidently ticked the 'post a poll' section...

18th Jul 2003, 03:29
Ok, now I understood it's nothing but a fool...:(

Umah Bloodomen
18th Jul 2003, 03:47
And Shadow strikes again... :D

And the official Legacy of Turelzevir Site (http://members.aol.com/turelzevir/)

18th Jul 2003, 04:19
Blincon, causing madness within LoK fan-circles since uh... April.



18th Jul 2003, 05:12

18th Jul 2003, 06:23
:( :( ===>

===>:D :eek: :cool:

18th Jul 2003, 06:52
...and with the writing of the April fool's joke, Blincraptor's madness spread through all of the circle of LoK fans.

You must destroy Blincraptor to begin your purge of the circle!

I now wonder where Warpy and Umah fit into this ^_~

Matt from Spam Buddies
18th Jul 2003, 14:21
Tut, tut... ;)

- Matthew

Umah Bloodomen
18th Jul 2003, 14:48
Doll Reaver is more of Divine Shadow's doing than Blinc's, people. Not to mention that I think the idea actually predates Blinc's joke.

Matt from Spam Buddies
18th Jul 2003, 15:06
I loved this part...

Janos: "No, I do not hate them..."


-blink, blink-

Janos: "Yeees... I do..."

Haha. I was rolling on the floor laughing when I saw this trailer. :D

It's simply too good!

- Matthew

19th Jul 2003, 06:44
It's very funny when Sarafan Lord stand with Dark Veder(spelling?).

Why don't he make a trailer which show Raziel use his wraith blade to fight with jedi's light saber? and see who win at last.:D