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18th Jul 2003, 01:00
I'm doing this poll to get a clear idea on the subject of the new controls. For the PC there are no new controls, but they are laggy. For the Ps2 there are new analogue controls and I've also read someone say the PS2 also has lagged controls.

Please feel free to post any grumblings you have about either the type of control, the control layout, or the response of the control...

also feel free to post specfic gripes.

For me, I'm finding the autograb is becoming a nuisance as I play through a second time because I'm now exploring more and trying to make jumps from places that you don't ordinarily need to trying to reach this tiny bit of ledge I've spotted that I might be able to get on... :)

Another big gripe is that the controls, such as action to let go won't override animations, or auto-moves.

For example, with not being able to override anim. getting down a ladder the old-style TR quick way: Keep letting go of Action and falling a little then grab again before you fall to far and she won't grab. New way: hit action, she falls. I think she will auto-grab and hang. Then you must wait for the animation of her putting her feet up on the ladder to play out before you can make her let go again. Obviously it's now quicker just to climb down normally.

Example, auto-moves taking over: Try making a running jump over a ladder. The "auto-move" of simply pressing forward to get on will prevent you from doing so. No biggie. Same with trying to make jumps with ropes above you. As soon as you press jump - even if you have forward pressed, she will ignore it and jump straight up and grab. Again not much of a biggie, but it leaves me feeling like this:

The controls are fine as long as you avoid doing anything other than playing through the game (they're no good for real TR exploration - or action).

Sal. :)

18th Jul 2003, 17:19
my $.02:

it's not just the new controls. it's the new controls combined with the camera no longer following lara. the latter seriously interferes with accomodating to the former (replay a bit of one of the old games & you'll see just how much more intuitive having the camera follow lara was)...

(& yes, i know all you had to do was hit a button/key to realign the camera behind lara - having spent a third of the time i was playing aod doing just that (another third was, of course, spent saving))...

18th Jul 2003, 19:44
I found running and then jumping more difficult. What was seriously annoying was when weapon was drawn Lara and Kurtis
would not disengage and run away. You had to put the weapon away then run. Extremely annoying.I also had regular freeze ups.
When back flipping Lara, she no longer turns in the air by pressing roll. Can't draw weapon when jumping either.

18th Jul 2003, 20:22
Controls: bad.

First: When you have guns drawn, sometimes you can't even move lara. I once walked with a gun in hand in prague and there was a dog behind the wall. I tried for a minute to go around the corner but she refused. I had to put back the guns, walk aroung it (dog bites poor lara) and get the guns again.

Second: walking strairs. When you try to turn around, lara turns with the speed of light and it's hard to make her turn 180 degrees.

Third: A lot of actions that were in tr5 are gone. She still can do the handstand, which is a useless animation, but turning in mid air is gone.

Fourth: When you are standing and try to run, mostly lara starts walking first and then goes running. That's annyoing.

18th Jul 2003, 20:43
A large majority of the fixed camera shots actually make it harder to see what's going on. Most if not all the faults with the new camera mode would be nullified if they'd simply kept in the ability to override any and all camera angles with the look button.

I started playing TR III straight after the first run through with VI and the ability to hit look and cancel out even cinematic camera swings was bliss.

The biggest pain of not being able to cancel the camera moving as the timed gate puzzle before Eckhardt's Lab. I had to take several goes because you had to start running and jumping before the camera was done being melodramatic.

22nd Jul 2003, 23:51
most trouble i had with the controls was after getting off a ladder or drainpipe i would move the mouse to get lara to turn and she would start to climb the bloody ladder/drainpipe again.

another issue was if you were running/jogging along and you ran into a handrail she would haul herself over it and leap to her death.

22nd Jul 2003, 23:52
I dislike the auto-gripping. I find myself too often pressing the action button in a jump and next thing lara falls from a high cliff. I also hold the actionbutton when i'm climbing or hanging on something. Man, it doesn't feel safe without holding it :eek:


Notts Raider
23rd Jul 2003, 23:22
It seems instictive to press grab when you fall but it just releases her grip, the game has been made too easy

23rd Jul 2003, 23:42
controls???? no no no they are to bad for a TOMB RAIDER game.Remember afte I killed Boaz there was a timed door....you have to run jump run faster jump again and than pass through the door.that thing takes me 1 day to mange because the controls was laggy and the precision in jumps of Lara doesn't like in previous TR series ...It was a timed door and i had to move quicly but Lara starts slowly to walk and after that when I press jump she has lagged and starts to run and falls....this happens many times in games and was verry iritating for me...the same thing was then she cannot roll in air,cannot jump and shoot,cannot roll and shoot and she trns faster on stairs(take a look at her position when walk on the stairs..looks like a monkey:( )what i miss are that calculated jumps from TR series not this free jumps....and of course I want to grab by pressing action not automaticly...and autoface the target when the weapon is drawn really distracts my direction....bad stuff controls in AOD....really they should give up this and put back the old controls again...

27th Jul 2003, 00:43
you should vote in the ' POLL:how must TR be more like?' if tou like previous series and you want to see a game like them again!

27th Jul 2003, 10:31
On PS2:

Generally I liked the controls and have got on with them okay after some getting used to. I understand the problems with the camera but would still want the ability to be able to pan 360 degrees around Lara (it's great for getting a sense of layout, etc).

Jumping can be a right pain, but I like the grab action (it's saved my arse a few times).

I HATE the way Lara dumbly climbs over a rail if you walk her too close to it. It just doesn't make any sense. Bad programming.

So, in short: adapt and change the controls where necessary to avoid repetition or sudden death. More intuitive (and less intrusive) camera control, retaining a 360 facility (so the player can have a good look around).

27th Jul 2003, 11:43
also you should be able to look whilst holding onto/dangling from/climbing up something like before

28th Jul 2003, 00:00
PC controls are unresponsive. It takes a goodsecond before she moves her sorry little a*s*s*.
Please Core, Fix this for the next gane,

1st Aug 2003, 07:58
I love the analogue controls on the PS2 I'm making her do backflips sommersaults my fav. move is the swan dive. But my all time favourite was firing in mid-air! (Then they've gone and taken that away from me :( as well as turning in mid-air)

On the otherhand if I was playing on the PC then I would want the original controls from the other TR's since it doesn't make sense on a keyboard.

Along with this the camera took a bit of getting used to but I found it really useful in some levels but annoying if it changed as I really had to think quick to remember which way is forward.

But overall I enjoyed the controls.

Lil Lara
6th Aug 2003, 22:46
I like the slightly new controls for the PS2 version. After completing AOD I returned to playing BloodRayne and can't get a hold of the controls quite as well as I use to! lol. I keep on pressing the wrong buttongs to shoot and I miss the right analog stick for controlling the camera. :p

7th Aug 2003, 00:09
PS2 - I liked the new controls, and adapted to them quite quickly, however as has been said many, many times before the response time was very slow. As in when you needed to run and she would walk - slowly.

The auto grab has saved my butt a few times, but has also been my undoing in the automatic pressing of action and I would fall to my death!

Auto aim was just cr@p, I loved being able to jump backwards while still targeted and shooting away, this time round trying to move while locked in was painful - really, really painful.

Camera was not too bad, being able to scan the area while jogging along was great, 360 deg views were awesome - but fixed camera angles were a pain in the butt - ie: Outside the louvre galleries where you have to monkey swing along that long wire - you'd be going forward then all of a sudden she'd swing around and start going back the other way if you didn't move the anlogue stick to the opposite direction at just the right moment.

9th Aug 2003, 22:47
I've never been a big fan of the Tomb Raider games. I played the first 3 games, but never completed them due to what I percieved as being a rather awkward control setup - I play a lot of first-person shooters, so a slow-paced game like Tomb Raider didn't appeal to me very much.

When I read about AOD, and the fact that the controls were going to be updated I thought "Yes! They're finally fixing it!" You can probably imagine my dissapointment when I played AOD for the first time. The controls haven't been improved at all. If anything they're worse than ever, and I can see that quite a lot of people on these forums agree with me. I was hoping for a control setup more like a third person shooter should be - freelook, sidestep, etc. Instead I recieve a sluggish control system which seems to have been configured with PS2 gamepads in mind, with mouse and keyboard support tagged on at the end, just to give us PC users a way to play. I'm just glad I never bought the game myself (I borrowed it from a friend to see what the controls were like - and I'm glad I checked it out before I wasted my money). If there's a patch which addresses the terrible controls on the PC I'll give the game another go, until then I'll just keep my money safely in the bank.

Anyway, I feel a bit better for that rant now. These comments are just my own opinion, and should be regarded as such. :)

12th Aug 2003, 04:10
Had to bring this backup but I was in EB today and AOD was on display. There was a little kid between 7 and 8 playing and he had the controls down pat and playing very well, I was very impressed. Back on topic I have no beef at all with the controls.

12th Aug 2003, 04:23
orignally posted by pipes
Had to bring this backup but I was in EB today and AOD was on display. There was a little kid between 7 and 8 playing and he had the controls down pat and playing very well, I was very impressed. Back on topic I have no beef at all with the controls.

Kids are very adaptable and less critical, my 12 year old nephew came over the night I got AOD and sat down and starting playing like a pro. He even said that the controls were MUCH easier than the other TR's.

Tomb Spelunker
10th Sep 2003, 16:40
That's the problem, the controls are set up to help KIDS play the game. They don't have to think just move lara next to a ladder and she starts to climb up it.

Sometimes I just want to walk by a ladder, I don't actuall want to climb back up it, but she does it anyway. If I want her to climb a ladder I will hit the ACTION button.

Ever walk up to a railing and have her leap over it to her death? I did'nt actually want her to do that, if I did I would have hit the ACTION button.

Sometimes I WANT to just walk off a ledge to a lower level. But instead she turns around and grabs the ledge. I don't want her to do that, If I did I would hit the ACTION button for her to do that.

The problem is that control has been taken away from the player, the game now decides what you want to do. Well, ya know what, the game DOESNT know what I want to do. That's what the ACTION button is supposed to be for.

When I want her to do something I will tell her to do it. People who like these controlls are either children or incompetent. The rest of don't want our hands held while we play. We want to be able to control lara.

Those animations suck too. She has two animations for stair climbing, one going up and one going down. So when you turn on the stairs there's a point where it changes back and forth making her almost impossible to control.

And that stupid ladder animation, as mentioned earlier, makes it faster to climb down than drop and grab used to be.

All this stuff better be fixed for the next one.

15th Sep 2003, 14:53
i like the controls. sure sometimes they're unresponsive but overall theyre good.
by the way how do u do the swan dive in the PC version..i could do it easily in TR: TLR but i dunno the keys for this one

15th Sep 2003, 21:47
Jump Forwards + Look/Sprint

PC: Alt + Up + Num0

Apparently they replaced Shift with Num0 because of the "Hop", which 75% of the time leads in Lara "Hopping" to her doom - to the far left or right of the place i originally wanted to hop to (Breath of Hades)

Tomb Raider Fan
19th Dec 2003, 19:43
To be honest iam pretty well happy with the controls of the ps2 :D

25th Dec 2003, 10:04
i cant customize buttons of my PS2 console.watta big idea was that.even beginners in game industry including this option in theyr products.excuse me but i think it wasnt so hard for EIDOS programers to make buttons able to be customized cause they was pretty nasty till i manage to tune my self to new controles.should i make this with every new edition???

26th Dec 2003, 03:33
PS2 is the easiest controls ever. If the camera wonders off the problem that I here about alot all you have to do is push the left analog stick and it's fixed. It goes strait to the original TR camera.

26th Dec 2003, 08:35
wow.thats something new for me(i mean camera), but buttons cant be customized.i mean for jump,action etc.