View Full Version : I Need Help in Eckhart's Lab.

18th Jul 2003, 00:57
Ok.. This 20$ official game guide isn't helpful. The poster isnt even impressive... :mad:

Anyways. Im in Eckharts' lab and I don't know what to do next..

I took the crystal knife thing that was on a table at the back of the lab and put it in the top most holder thing... (ok.. i know.. not much help with descriptions..)

I tried putting it in the holder of the circular pool and it didn't do anything .. i tried the bottom holder and nothing either...

The guide says:

Fix the purified oxygen vials to large incubation devices to turn the circular pool of liquid into the harmless water.

After putting the 'vial' from the table onto the top holder, I went into the cage and tried to grab the one in there.. I was able to but I can't exit the cage! I climbed up but Lara doesn't want to get out.. she just hangs there.... :mad:

Can anyone help me here please?

you'd think that an official game walkthrough would make clear and easy instructions on how to finish the game, or part of it... And don't give me that 'spoiler' stuff.. if someone didnt want to spoil the game, they wouldnt've gotten a guide for it! :D

Please Help!!

18th Jul 2003, 01:31
try doing a back flip onto floor while hanging onto ledge

18th Jul 2003, 01:48
Climb up the cage and shimmy left onto the door that has dropped. Climb out and sideflip away. Plan your escape before picking up the phial.

18th Jul 2003, 02:42
Yah, I got the planing thing down :D Though not knowing how to get out was the main problem.

I'm gonna give it a go now. Thx.