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17th Jul 2003, 19:34

They ARE in it, just not used in any level. They are seperated pickups (means you must pick up dual guns and not 2 single guns), which can be found in the invent.gmx level (a completely dark level with hundreds of pickups). To play it, do this:

1. Open dos prompt.
2. Goto your aod folder
3. Type bin\traod -selectlevel
4. Load invent.gmx

Just walk to a red blinking item and pick it up. 2 of them are dual guns. You can also make a shortcut for this in windows, but you must make sure the folder which it runs is the aod folder and not the aod\bin folder or it crashes.

17th Jul 2003, 19:37
Some other things I haven't found in game yet. I haven't finished it yet (d*mn*d Boaz!), so if I missed any of them, please tell me:


17th Jul 2003, 19:40
Unfortunately, I only have the PS2 version so I can't do this. Besides, as you stated yourself they are unusable in any level of the game. The game's software may contain them, but the game itself doesn't.

17th Jul 2003, 19:46
But if they are in the game, maybe you can edit your savegames and replace the single gun version by a dual gun version.

17th Jul 2003, 20:03
How can I do that TRWad :confused: ? Plz Help

17th Jul 2003, 20:03
I had the shotgun (V-Packer) early on, none of the others though.

If those screenshots are real, maybe the other items are already included in the game engine ready for the sequels, just not unlocked or used in this one.

After all, as the story goes, Lara wouldn't have been able to take her pistols with her to France (like that would stop her I suppose) and she hasn't been home (or back toher hotel room in Paris maybe) to get them because this adventure, unlike all the previous ones was not of her choosing, and she was not prepared for it.

er, or perhaps they had a problem with the code for dual pistols and didn't want to release the game with..um.... buggy code.....maybe?

17th Jul 2003, 20:11
The dual guns work fine, you can shoot them normaly. But they got the ammo bug too, so the ammo is lowered by 4 each shot (!!). The harpoon gun and the limpet mine crash when you select them.

To tomb_raiding:
See instructions in the first post. If you are in the invent.gmx level, just run around and find any red flashing items. Pick them all up and you got the guns.

17th Jul 2003, 20:17
Thanx :)

17th Jul 2003, 20:27
How cna I eidt a savegame and put thos pistols in it ?? :confused:

17th Jul 2003, 21:21
to: TRWad

how did you find out that line? there may be a cheat activator (example: all weapons) if you start the game with a code like this? or is it only for programmers?


17th Jul 2003, 23:22
i'm confused. How do you enter it at the dos prompt. I tried but i must be doing something wrong. Please write down everything you did, i would much appreciate that.

17th Jul 2003, 23:30

Go Start>Programs>MsDos Prompt
OR Start>Programs>Accossories>MsDos Prompt

Than Type:

-Your AOD directory
-bin\traod -selectlevel

U'll see a small window with the Levels on it, double click on the second one :)

17th Jul 2003, 23:53
default would be:

in the dosprompt type:


cd progra~1

cd eidosi~1

cd traod

bin\traod -selectlevel

18th Jul 2003, 00:11
The items that are shown are interesting - especially the mine and the weapon attachments. Hints at the much grander plan they have for the triology.

They've obviously got everything they need all in the programming and so on. I'd assume, in theory, they could release the future levels of the next two games as add ons that would work perfectly with the AoD program.

Thanks for the pics. :)


18th Jul 2003, 00:14
I also found a scarab, which is a secret, 2 of the obscura paintings (the 1st and 5th i though) so maybe looking around is a big big spoiler :) I think that almost every item for the next games are in here, so that would mean the return of the dual guns!

18th Jul 2003, 19:55
Originally posted by Tipsko
to: TRWad

how did you find out that line? there may be a cheat activator (example: all weapons) if you start the game with a code like this? or is it only for programmers?

There are more command line options. I found them by viewing traod.exe in a hex editor:

I haven't found out use for these.

18th Jul 2003, 21:27
So I guess the Duel Guns ARE in TR7 :)

18th Jul 2003, 21:49
TRWad: Thanks for the info and sharing. I'll try some!

tomb_raiding: yes, I (at least) believe so, they ARE in 7 (or 8). I am truely convinced that they will return but not with unlimited ammo i think.


18th Jul 2003, 22:27
Build Jul 2 2003 17:02:05

The Following Error has occured

Generic Game Error

ASSERTION: 'pData && length>

18th Jul 2003, 22:35
It worked fine for me. Man, the is some cool stuff in there. Cellphone, GPS savegame, explosive harpoons, pick axe. I think they orginally had the combine option but had to take it out to. Example, axe head and axe stick. Cool!!!

18th Jul 2003, 22:56
i get the little box listing all the lvls but no invent is it on the cd?

19th Jul 2003, 02:51
Originally posted by tomb_raiding
How cna I eidt a savegame and put thos pistols in it ?? :confused:

Hum... this game save editing thing is quite a pain in the back, i´m not sure it can be done, the information encoded and it´s hard to know the part of confi that says guns, TRWAD u have any suggestions?