View Full Version : Questions & Duel Guns

17th Jul 2003, 18:15
Good Evening my Tomb Raiding Friends, i got TR:AOD about a week ago & have a question about the game.

1. Does anyone know for certain if u can get the brilliant double guns & if so how/where. I have so many people saying u cannot get them however i have seen many screenshots with Lara Croft holding them & on the ps2 version, if u leave it on the screen that says "Press Start" a little clip will come on which shows Lara running around firing the little babies.

Thank u whoever answers my little question...

17th Jul 2003, 18:22
I will answer this one. NO you cannot get the double guns. I have been and still am trying supposed methods for obtaining them, though to date, all have failed. You may want to check out this thread as well :