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kathy 5
17th Jul 2003, 17:34
anyone have this one what makes It so speical???
I think I'm going to get It on e bay
tho I don't want It I bid befor I looked only to find out that It Is for the pc & I wanted for the PSx

oh well It Is brand new & never been played did I get a good thing?????

17th Jul 2003, 18:07
wow i gotta get that.

tomb raider 4 was my favortie of all the games.

Mangar The Dark
17th Jul 2003, 19:33
From what I remember, the Limited Edition includes a Lara figurine and (I think) a comic book.
The game itself, though, is the same.
However, be careful... there is also something called "Special Edition" which is just a sampling of the full game. I think you get about 3-5 levels, so you don't want that.

BTW-- Be prepared to enjoy TR4! I think it's easily one of the best in the entire series!

17th Jul 2003, 21:39
The silver box is the Millenium Edition.
It is the one that came with the pewter figurine and comic.

18th Jul 2003, 05:01
At the time that I was shopping for all of the Tomb Raider PC games, in July of 2001, Tomb Raider - The Last Revelation was selling for about $25 at CompUSA. It was the full version in the regular trapezoidal shaped box.

Wal-Mart had the Special Limited Edition for $10. It was in a CD jewel case. Out of curiosity I bought both. The manual for the Special Limited Edition says "Note: This is a Demo." It has just a few levels.

How much did you pay for your bargain?

kathy 5
18th Jul 2003, 12:36
3.50 + 3.50 for S & H
but If It Is a demo game than I'm not paying thanks for the tip

this Is the game that I won please tell me It Is not the demo


Mangar The Dark
18th Jul 2003, 13:18
Hard to tell for sure from that pic, but it COULD be the demo. The jewel case for the full version (at least in my case) was cardboard, and it had three panels. The "Special Edition" (demo), comes in that plastic jewel case. However, companies DO repackage things, so don't despair just yet. Also, I'm pretty sure if it was the "Special Edition," it would say so on the spine of jewel case.

kathy 5
18th Jul 2003, 15:16
well I have e mailed the owner hopefully they will tell me the truth

kathy 5
22nd Jul 2003, 02:34
full game!

22nd Jul 2003, 02:44
That picture looks exactly like my jewel case. It has that yellow rectangle in the upper left corner that says "special limited edition". The case in the picture looks like it still has the plastic wrap on it. If the jewel case is unopened, maybe the owner does not know that it is a demo.

kathy 5
22nd Jul 2003, 12:22
owner mailed me last night saying that It Is the full game I hope there right

25th Jul 2003, 13:48
Yup came in a millennium box, a pewter, i guess figure and a comic. I told everyone i had it and they were like right sure you do. Allot of people did not know about it.

30th Jul 2003, 22:42
I remember getting the millenium edition for Christmas that year. It (like all my other old TR games and useless Lara items) was lost over the course of a few moves (I managed to hold onto most of the actual game CDs though, since I kept them seperate).

I've noticed that TR1/2 Gold is now being packaged in a rectangular box as part of the "Eidos Platinum Collection" just like Lost Artifact. I picked up TR3 a couple weeks ago (the other CD got scratched to the point of not working) when I saw it for 5 bucks and was surprised that it was still being packaged in the trapezoid box. It doesn't have the flap that folds up like the original box did and the CD comes in a small paper slip rather than the folding cardboard case.

4th Aug 2003, 21:01
Originally posted by kathy 5
owner mailed me last night saying that It Is the full game I hope there right Sorry, but if that is a picture of the actual item that you bought, then you're getting the Special Limited Edition, which includes only 10 levels from the full game.

kathy 5
5th Aug 2003, 13:10
than I'm glad that I got a PX version for the full game thanks!!!!!