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17th Jul 2003, 16:10
Interesting piece from GamesRadar:

As Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness hangs on to number one for the second week (with the PS2 version accounting for 88% of sales), the man behind the Lara phenomenon, Jeremy Heath-Smith, has been taken off the boards of Lara developers Core Design and publishers Eidos.

While the game is clearly shifting well at the moment, Heath-Smith appears to be taking the flak for the game's disasterous launch. Originally due out in November, Angel of Darkness's release was continually postponed, to a near-farcical degree. Its eventual European release just missed the end of Eidos's fiscal year - causing havoc with the company's financial forecasts and resulting in their share price dropping sharply.

Heath-Smith, who was the managing director of Core, co-founded the company in 1988. Reportedly, staff at Core have yet to be clued in on the what the move will actually mean, only that Heath-Smith has left the company's board with immediate effect.

Despite the lengthy details, Angel of Darkness was met with only middling reviews from the games press. PSM2's verdict, for instance, was that the game, "Just isn't anywhere near as good as you were praying it would be."

Elsewhere in the chart, it's business as usual, with the quiet summer months resulting in no top 20 new entries this week. Sony's Eye Toy clings on to number two while Enter the Matrix shuffles back up one place to bag number three. In fact, the only new entry in the entire top 40 is Formula One 2003 for PS2, which limps in at number 31.

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17th Jul 2003, 16:12
PS2 = 88% of sales......Wowzers!!!

17th Jul 2003, 16:22
that is crazy amount of sales. although the sales might drop for the second installment with so many people having trouble with it. then again, maybe not, most people will probably still buy hoping for better luck.

as for the farcical release, it was a farce. all these delays and still an unfinished product. something had to give.

17th Jul 2003, 16:24
COOL what bout the PC version :(

17th Jul 2003, 16:33
Well, I heard that the European versions of TR were improved, so there were little bugs.

17th Jul 2003, 19:37
This part "...Jeremy Heath-Smith, has been taken off the boards of Lara developers Core Design ..." makes sorrows, anyhow.

17th Jul 2003, 23:04
:( think of all the english people that'll get disappointed... I feel for them.. :p

18th Jul 2003, 05:56
I can definitely belive that 88% PS2 thing. The PC version (on the PC charts) of TR:AoD debuted here in the states at #10. o_O