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Al Diablo
17th Jul 2003, 15:12
greetings im new here but i have not seen a threat regarding this
i noticed after watching the e3 trailer a scene deplicting an other winged figure wielding a sword (if you pause it around 31 sec you get the best picture)
now im pretty sure this is not janos since his wings are completly different (his are bird wings these are bat wings) and it has never been shown that janos ever wielded a sword
the feet however are hoove like so is is probaly a vampire
could this be pre fallen raziel? maybe turel , or perhaps even kain himself? what are your ideas on this?

Matt from Spam Buddies
17th Jul 2003, 15:18
Lucent, our insider at E3 2003, who visited the expo in person, told that in Vorador's Mansion there are stone statues carved to represent the winged ancient beings. The statues wield stone versions of the Blood Reaver. They come to life probably if You come too close to them or as a part of a puzzle. Or merely traps.

They're merely common adversaries, mate. Nothing to get too excited about. Maybe bosses or minibosses, but who knows? Maybe they're just Your average-Joe stronger adversaries.

We'll see. But they're definately not Kain, Turel or Raziel or any other whachamachallet, mate.

- Matthew

Al Diablo
17th Jul 2003, 15:29
it is at least more than your common enemy wjich is clear due to the huge blinding light and the screaming in the middle of the room thing ( that looks like one spectacular demise if it even is a demise ) also later in the trailer you see some of those statues (almost directly afterwards) but this figure seems more...alive somehow maybe it is there maker or boss or something

Matt from Spam Buddies
17th Jul 2003, 16:02
As I recall, Lucent said that these enemies could be encountered in Vorador's Mansion's courtyard.

I believe that these blokes are either mini-bosses or maybe, just maybe, stronger adversaries. They could be also bosses, yes, but I don't know...

Yes, I agree that the blinding light may be the demise of that creature. There's also the possibility that they may be part of a puzzle.

Lucent may have to make a comment, but I think that these guys can only be seen in Vorador's Mansion's courtyard.

- Matthew

17th Jul 2003, 17:52
The winged ancient statues that you speak of are indeed encountered in the courtyard of Vorador's mansion. I do not know if they are found elsewheres in the game, however screenshots on IGN.com show other styles of "winged" statue creatures attacking Kain, not Raziel.

The ones you fight in Vorador's manor did seem like Minibosses, though they weren't terribly hard to beat. They did die in a rather flashy manner however.

Al Diablo
17th Jul 2003, 18:19
if those are but mini bosses then we are in for a show when a real boss is defeated

18th Jul 2003, 05:47
They're probably just guardians representing the ancients.

Matt from Spam Buddies
18th Jul 2003, 08:43
Originally posted by punkst4r
They're probably just guardians representing the ancients.

Umm... yeah... that's what we said... about 6 posts ago.

- Matthew

18th Jul 2003, 18:43
Guess I missed it.