View Full Version : Things I miss

17th Jul 2003, 13:46

Save Game doesn't include a list of previous levels completed so you can't re-visit them

17th Jul 2003, 15:21
I miss the large open spaces like the greta wall of China in TR2 and the South Pacific levels in TR3. Also that harp tune on the menus in TR 1-3

17th Jul 2003, 22:37
At the risk of beating a dead horse.....I miss the double guns

17th Jul 2003, 22:42
I miss the bugs.. or rather.. err.. i miss the version of the game without bugs.. ermm... and er.. yeah.. so.. no bugs..

anyway.... :rolleyes:

and Ill stand beside u kicking that horse coz I miss them guns too.. and it sucks to cheat :P and the vehicles.. I miss em.. and the "real" desert eagle and I miss the fact that I cant flip in a jump, hell Im gonna play a previous version.. them's were much better come to think of it.. :D

and I cant say that I miss the vibration.. would be rather strange if my keyboard would vibrate all of the sudden.. oooh! u got a ps2! :P