View Full Version : I can't defeat BOAZ

17th Jul 2003, 10:39
Hi guys:D

I've got a problem. I'm now on the level where i have to defeat that disgusting monster BOAZ. Yesterday I Kept on fighting with her for two hours with no stop or saving. I have destroyed 2 of the "4 acid cannons" the ones in the front side (near to the mouth), after i tried to destroy the remainig 2 cannons but Kurtis doesn't aim to them. I kept on shooting to BOAZ's face (the human face in the stomach) but it she's still alive. I tried to find traps with no success. I' afraid there is an internal error with the update patch. If somebody understood this problem (and my awful english) please write me:D


18th Jul 2003, 01:37
hint shoot in head when rocks it will eventually hit the other two:) gl took me about 30 trys

18th Jul 2003, 07:50
When you are standing by her side (and the weapons are opened) press then End key on the PC to change targets.

19th Jul 2003, 01:36
Im having the same problem ,,i tried pressing the end key and it didnt change target,,ive been stuck on this level for 2 days now so anymore help would be appretiated.

thanks in advance

19th Jul 2003, 17:13
Yes, I had the same problem. But it worked for me. Just press the "roll" key. (Default "end") and it will change targets. :)

20th Jul 2003, 00:15
hah hah nice one!!!!!game completed