View Full Version : Are there already cheats known for PC or ps2?

17th Jul 2003, 10:27
Not that I'm a cheater, don't like to spoil a game, but since I played the game almost 2 times it's time to cheat. Does Anyone know a cheat for the game? Anything??

Goranagar&Catsuit, didn't you used the swimmingcheat on that ps2 preview a few months ago?


17th Jul 2003, 10:44
There are cheats (at least for the PS/2 version), but they're only available in a $10 disc you gotta buy.

17th Jul 2003, 16:52
If you did not patch the game, the patch/trainer definitly works for the PC. Not sure if they updated it to work with the patch though.

do a search for angel of darknes at www.gamefaqs.com and check out the codes.