View Full Version : No shooting possible

17th Jul 2003, 09:51

In entry Level I found the first weapon and - of course - I wanted to test it immediately: Tab, select weapon, oK. But although I hold the weapon in my hand nothing happens when pushing the action button. Lara only moves the weapon as she will shoot, but no sound and nothing happens to the person I want to hit. Anyone else with this problem? Patch does not fix this problem...


17th Jul 2003, 09:54
Is it possible you haven't found any bullets yet?

17th Jul 2003, 20:41
Hm, in the last 5 parts there was always a standard gun with unlimited ammo. The first gun I found is the M-V9 (hope this is correct, don't remember exactly). I thought it is the first I got, so this may be the standard? Meanwhile I asked myself if it is possible ammo is needed for the first weapon :D . If so, I will run through the f.... level a bit further and check for ammo - harr, harr!