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17th Jul 2003, 08:07
ok i just opened the elite league and im ready to throw my x-box out the window. how do i beat the assult with r-1-oh-7 and leo krupps? i cant even get into the frigging air lock let alone beat it in 5 minutes. PLEASE HELP!! :(

17th Jul 2003, 21:05
ok to get into the air lock grab a auto rifle and launch the grenades at the autoguns. This will disable them. if u die repeat the process also try hit on or both of the autoguns on the side of scrapyard.

once in, run dont stop just run and make sure u have grenades. go not stopping really unless u have to to let teh auto guns blow up. U use the grenades to blow up the auto guns just launch them near them and they will die.

Then they should all be dead just run down the steps and through into the next area.

strafe right and just head straight for the door. (dodge all the missle that are launched at u or u will have a very tough time doing it again)

Then u got the easiest bit. Get some more grenades and get ready for the next room. pick up the armour and run into the room launch the grenades at the autoguns. one in front of u and one behind u.

destroy them and run on throught doors and into anohter room turn to the left. and launch yet another grenade at the autogun.

know u got the last bit carry on through the corridors and then go up th stairs. pick up the homing launcher and get ready to launch 3 at an autogun in the top left hand corner of the corridor to ur right. kill it then go up into the control room.

And thats it. If u get enemies try going around them or lauch a few grenades. The homnig launcher works well against them but is dangerous when they gfet near u.

Hope that helps mate it should i done it in 2:30mins and got a platinum award so it should work

17th Jul 2003, 23:41
thanks man :D :D