View Full Version : Boaz Returns and I've got NO Ammo

17th Jul 2003, 03:23
I've made it up to this point in the game where I have to fight boaz with the male character but I've got no friggen ammo!!! Is there anything I can do? I only have 1 gun with this character and I ran out of ammo the last time I was fighting that other creature....any help???


bonnie :)
17th Jul 2003, 04:08
There is one clip on the ground. After you use that up, I don't know if there will be another.

Then, if you have difficulty defeating Boaz, there are several posts with the answers to help you. Tip: If you're using PS2, use the SQUARE (roll) button to switch targets of the pods.....don't use the triangle button!

Good luck :)

17th Jul 2003, 04:37
Argh! Boaz!! I think I nearly pulled off all my hair when I was fighting him...

Luckily, on the sandy part of the room, there's one clip there. When you finish with that clip, another one magically appears on the exact same spot! Wish that was the case with the healthpacks...

Hope that helps and good luck!!

- S