View Full Version : Help! Floating pedestals/ Vault of Tropies

17th Jul 2003, 00:00
I am so stuck here! I need some help pleezz!
You pull the lever, jump to which pedestal? They all crumble, the ledge to the right is too far. So again what is the deal here?
:confused: This is the area right after she moves the statues underwater. There is a rock crusher right before this spot.
I guess I'm just missing it. Any help would be great!
:p Never mind I got it! Now on to Boaz! WOO HOO!

17th Jul 2003, 06:43
I think i know what you mean. The Platform on the far left (i think) or second from the left wont crumble when you jump on it. When you land, you'll see two others remaining, quickly jump from platform to platform and finally onto the solid ground:D