View Full Version : Can you do me a favour Mr Forsyth...

16th Jul 2003, 23:53
Take me to the GDC will ya?

I want to know all about Displacement Mapping! And I would be great company - I can talk for hours about imposters.

I'm also free for the EIGF if you're interested.

PM me :p

Although this post is written in a humourous manner please take it and its contents very seriously.

18th Jul 2003, 15:17
I'll buy you a burger.......

Two if you like.

19th Jul 2003, 21:55
At least say no.

Give me closure!

20th Jul 2003, 21:12
Closure?... wot, you mean lock the thread?

Although this post is written in a serious manner please take it and its contents very humourously. :p :D

21st Jul 2003, 08:08


L Croft
21st Jul 2003, 08:46

25th Jul 2003, 02:00
Let me buy a ticket from you then.

28th Jul 2003, 22:17
I BUMPed into a street lamp today.

Mucky Foot
28th Jul 2003, 22:21
Hush. I don't have any tickets, but the paper is on the net (http://www.tomforsyth.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/papers.html).

TomF - Muckyfoot coder.

29th Jul 2003, 14:10
Now how long did that take?

29th Jul 2003, 23:15
Ok I understand - what I will do instead is buy a media projector and invite some friends round. I will then turn my front room into a conference hall and using your presentation I will pretend to know what I am talking about.

Then I will get the next door neighbours daughter to be a Booth Babe.

And my mum will make crappy cheese toatsies and sell them for £10.

Who needs E3?