View Full Version : When will release next patch?

16th Jul 2003, 22:53
i'm waiting next patch because i can't complete the game. after cutscene in strahovs fortress my game everytime crash


16th Jul 2003, 23:54
try saving the save game file, uninstalling the game, and reinstalling it fresh, then putting the game save back where it goes.

17th Jul 2003, 00:13
Had that too....... If you're not far along in that level, you might want to consider that option........
But with me it happend after the cut-scene with the reporter...... I played on, but every time I was killed I had to reload the game...... I saved enough times and got past the level in a jiffy and afterwards there wasn't any problem anymore in the bio thingy level...... It's not the best way to be playing a game though...... :(

17th Jul 2003, 11:08
i have allready tried all possible solutions. reinstall - sound acceleration level change etc. not work