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16th Jul 2003, 22:07
Hello! This is one of my first posts here - so hi - except I am playing FFX still at the minute so anything I ask would be about that game in particular. I know this is the FFVII board but I just need somewhere to turn to when I need to rant about how great things are etc! ;)

I've finished the game ages ago and have begun that long walk down 'extra stuff road' ;) - so far I have been working on boosting my characters levels so they can take on the Dark Aeons. So far I have defeated all of them except Dark Yojimbo. He keeps coming back! I have the PiggyBack guide now to help me but I get to the fourth encounter and loose it. I have been cheating, I guess. I have been giving Yuna's Grand Summon for Yojimbo and paying him 20,000gil to do Zanmato. In the fourth battle he suddenly looses it and unleashes Wakazashi on his Dark 'self' and then the Dark Yojimbo crushes him!

Does anybody know any cheats or the al bhed code to fly the airship straight to Penance...I only really want to have a fight with Penance! :)

Thankyou very much! :)

17th Jul 2003, 18:15
Cheats? Boo! ;)

>>>>CAUTION: More spoilers ahead<<<<

I don't think you'll be able to actually encounter Penance until you've defeated all the Aeons. I never tried, but I don't think entering Penance's coordinates would lead to an encounter.

For defeating Dark Yojiimbo without using Zanmato's (I'm not really familiar with Yojimbo's relationship system, so I can't help you there), just tackle him like you would any other major enemy. He has less HP then most other Dark Aeons and if you've been boosting your character's stats, it shouldn't be to hard to deal 5 digits worth of damage per attack. The problem is you have to beat him multiple times in a row (5 times IIRC).
The only way to escape a Wakazashi as far as I remember is to sacrifice one of your own Aeons. It's tough, but not impossible. I think I had more problems with Dark Anima.

17th Jul 2003, 20:34
thanks arkron!

I have all the aeons now and all my characters have their ultimate weapons (minus wakka - blitzball, ugh!) and all have mp break, hp break, ribbon and auto-phoenix. I mainly fight with Auron (60,000 something HP), Yuna (40,000 something HP) and Tidus (40,000 something HP) - i still struggle with that!?

He seems impossible. Today I managed to catch 10 of each fiend in Spira and defeat all 'original' monsters to unlock Nemesis - but surprise, surprise! the arena owner hasnt made him yet! this happened when i was trying to collect iron giants and geminis for the 'species conquest'. I made all the requirements for the monster but never got it until i gathered the maximum of 10 iron giants and geminis. Why am I tortured by this pooey arena owner who loves taking all my gil!

Thanks for your help so far!

17th Jul 2003, 23:03
Hmm, you might want to consider changing Break MP-Limit into another ability (HP+30%, Auto-haste or something similar), as you can get the MP One ability and several Celestial weapons come equipped with it.

If possible, try to get hold of Wakka's final weapon. His attack reels, coupled with his break damage limit, produces loads of damage, which may make the fights a bit easier.

IIRC, Nemesis gets only unlocked once you've captured every monster 10 times. So it's not really surprising, right? (or I'm misreading this, of course ;) ). Speaking of which, you might want to try Nemesis first. He's not that tough to beat so you can work out some different tactics with him (and who wouldn't want the 133t-Proof of Conquest you get for it ;) ).

Good luck!

22nd Jul 2003, 18:58
you are good at this!

23rd Jul 2003, 03:00
...I wish North America had the International version.....

International....it should be called local-national.

23rd Jul 2003, 10:38
Thanks ;)

Rengar.. it's a bit of a trade-off really. We have the international version over here, but you got stuff like Xenosaga, Suikoden III and a wealth of other RPG's over in the US.

23rd Jul 2003, 14:38
...Xenosaga is coming in November...I imagine to you guys.

Calling it Matrix Reloaded.....and it's going to have extras, too....
Haven't played Suikoden 3....