View Full Version : Neptune's Hall and AC'97

16th Jul 2003, 21:54
This was such a surprising problem, that I decided to report it even though the readme tells you to update both sound and graphics card drivers.

I got very low framerates in Neptune's Hall (among other problems), and getting new drivers for the integrated Realtek AC'97 sound chip fixed them. It took a while to figure out that problems with graphics might be caused by old sound drivers.

16th Jul 2003, 22:36
I think u shoul turn water reflection OFF to increase the FrameRate :)

17th Jul 2003, 12:56
Its funny how some new games that come out need you to update drivers well maybe note a bad thing i also have an realteck AC'97 intergated sound card i could not use EAX but when i went and found a more upto date driver bingo EAX and more stuff my AC'97 can do now.

17th Jul 2003, 14:44
where did you get the drivers from? I didn't find any when I searched?

17th Jul 2003, 15:02
Originally posted by craziej2k
where did you get the drivers from? I didn't find any when I searched?


go to downloads
open Computer Peripherals & Multimedia ICs
Go to AC'97 Audio CODECs
Go to Software Downloads
Choose the correct driver

17th Jul 2003, 20:44
Well as i have a GIGABYTE GA-7VKML motherboard i went 2 there site look at support then looked down 4 my board found Sound then drivers and Downloaded it and i won't look back.

17th Jul 2003, 20:48
Try for the Driver good stuff that was released on 7/6/2003.