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16th Jul 2003, 20:44
check it out:


21st Jul 2003, 14:46
That is a so cool!

For those of you too lazy to read the thread, what people realized is that the "Alex" in Area 51 is really only a hologram - which explains MANY things: why he is still alive if you destroyed Area 51 and why is so young and possibly female in the next game.

Just like the "alex" thread, this shows that, once again, the developers were thinking way ahead and outsmarted us again :rolleyes:

27th Jul 2003, 20:00

Very interesting! I never knew about that - you'd think I would've noticed something like that when playing through the game, but evidently not. (Either that, or I did notice but just didn't think much of it).

I'll have to have another look...

27th Jul 2003, 21:47
Well, that certainly makes sense. I remembered when i played DX on and on some time ago, that indeed the clone tube with Alex inside wasn't right. I could pass trough it but never gave it much thought - like other people i thought it to be a bug, a model that wasn't given the right properties... but this is too much conspiracy already :eek:

So we have 4 tubes at the ending...

One with Nick Pausback.

One with Wade Walker.

One with Alex Denton.

One where JC should be.

Wade Walker was more than likely a clone of Walton Simmons (or perhaps the reverse, as JC was an apparent clone of Page, sp mayhaps Simmons was a clone of Wade.... hmm....). I don't remember any facial/body traits of Nick or Alex. The fact is Alex's tube, while a hologram, depicted a humanoid male figure. Now:

1) Either the image we see is a failed test. Which is possible - cloning was still not a full success as far as i remember - JC and Paul were the best examples, just like Page and Walter.

2) Or the lack of a real tube there implies that a clone existed, and was taken away to some other place (which is also possible given the fact that Area 51 was the target of the missile attack).

3) Or Page placed it there to make JC realize he and Paul were not the only clones (and the fact the clone was not actually there may imply Page meant to tell JC it was not over - in fact Page may not even know it was no longer there).

Not mentioning that the 3 endings are being melded into one, probably meaning:

A) Alex will more than likely not be filiated with the Illuminati (and may just like JC completely discard their existence), nor was his/her growth supervised by it.

B) Given the entire communications network succumbed (Dark Ages), all possible surveilance pertaining to Alex was difficult (if not impossible) to implement, meaning he/she never got to know Paul or JC, and that neither Paul nor JC had much luck tracking him/her.

C) Since Area 51 was completely nuked, that means the Wade Walker and Nick Pausback clones might've been waxed, so the truth about who was actually cloned from who (Wade from Walter or vice-versa) is gone.

D) Surprisingly, given that Paul AND JC were both the best of the crop, but turned out to defect, the idea of making another Denton (Alex) was probably halted. They both acquired a moral system, and that would probably happen with Alex as well. And for Page, having to handle 3 bothersome Dentons' prolly stopped him from "activating", so to speak, Alex.

E) And also, just because we see a male Alex Denton, that doesn't mean its the only clone there is. The male one there could be another test, another body for Page in case JC died. Given that at that point in the story, Paul is either dead or weak (and far away), and with Page's anger towards JC, its even more possible he was already cloning a new body for himself - a new, more powerful body (which was JC's purpose after all, to be a body for Page). And given Page is male, its obvious the body there would have to be male as well.

F) But given the fact its not actually there, leads me to wonder if Page hadn't already planned beforehand? What if the male clone existed, but the holographic representation was a representation of the actual clone, stashed away? Page might've been planning ahead, and not certain of his triumph. So why place the perfect body there, if the place might be destroyed?

And given the place WAS actually destroyed in the endign, and we will play with Alex, also helps this point - Page stashed the clone away in case something wrong happened - and it did - and now, in DX2, someone will clone the clone, thus making a male/female Alex. Now there's the obvious question, who could've stashed away the body and cloned him?

Well Manderley may not be dead. I don't know how the official story goes, but i can leave without killing Manderley. Its mentioned he disappears, but its never mentioned if the disappearance is total (as in, dead). Navarre and Gunther die. Walter also lived (for me at least). I avoided the confrontation with him in the underwater facility, and i also avoided him at the entrance to Area 51. Tracer Tong was probably not going to do it, as he would stand to lose much if Paul and JC found out.

There's also the chance that the Illuminati might've had an hand in it (and "invisble hand" if you will ;)), but seems too farfetched. Its possible Alex could've been hidden from JC, but given he's probably an Illuminati top agent, it'd be hard to hide it from him.

Damn, too much speculation and little to go by

Now which of these is the right one? :eek: :eek:

27th Jul 2003, 22:13
I just reminded myself, the Illuminati will be JC's organization, so Morgan Everett will probably be out of the picture. Besides the Illuminati, the Omar, the Templars and the World Trade Organization, i don't imagine where will Alex be. Perhaps he's/she's actually working for the Illuminati? :confused:

28th Jul 2003, 21:21

No one else wonders about the plot? :eek:

28th Jul 2003, 22:25
What I think would be cool (but absolute speculation), would be that whatever gender you chose, your main enemy would always be the "other" Alex.

One Alex would always be controlled by Page, and one would be your character.

Just speculation.

29th Jul 2003, 14:47
Why would there be a hologram there for the hell of it?

30th Jul 2003, 09:22
Originally posted by Hannibal
Why would there be a hologram there for the hell of it?

I don't know, it was just there.

30th Jul 2003, 11:15
Why would there be a hologram there for the hell of it?

to make you believe there is someone?
(because they forgot to put a 1 in place of a 0 in the file?)
to prepare for DX:IW, where you play Alex despite the fact that Area 51 was destroyed?

why wouldn't there be one (for the hell of it)?

30th Jul 2003, 12:12
Just wondering (in story) why Bob page would want to put it there.

30th Jul 2003, 17:49
All this plot stuff is going to force me to play the game all over again.