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16th Jul 2003, 15:27
I need help with TR3. I am in the Temple of Puna and can't seem to kill the guy sitting in the chair. When he turns around and fires the bolt, if I jump to the side, then I fall off the platform. if I go straight back, he still gets me. Is there any secret? I have tried the desert eagle, pistols, and almost any other weapon that I have....Can someone help?

L Croft
16th Jul 2003, 18:26
if you stand in the middle of the platform you can filp to the side either way but be carefull that you are aligned right, immetitly after he turnsa around you can flip over his shot.

17th Jul 2003, 04:21
You can also crouch down beside his throne. If you get in the right spot, guns locked onto him, Lara's arms will pop up and shoot the guy every few seconds, while he is unable to hit Lara. I've taken him out with just the pistols in this way. ;)