View Full Version : EAX unified drivers: Install them for Audigy?

16th Jul 2003, 14:59
I have an Audigy(not Audigy 2), and also have the problem where the EAX options are greyed out. I know someone has gotten this to work by installing the EAXUnified drivers from CD2, but shouldn't this NOT be necessary with an Audigy?

I just got off the phone with creative tech support and they told me not to install the unified drivers as they will overwrite the correct drivers for the Audigy(with XP Pro). I have the latest drivers installed from the creative site and find it odd that drivers necessary for my soundcard to work correctly would not be available there, but only on CD2 of TR AOD.

I've found very little info about these unified drivers. The only thing I have found by googling is that they are basically a workaround for older soundcards, and that people who installed them with an Audigy ran into all types of problems with apps other than TR and were then unable to uninstall them successfully. Needless to say I'm reluctant to try it. Can anyone clear this up?


17th Jul 2003, 04:28
Odd, I've installed them on XPro and they work just fine. Not only for Tomb Raider.

Further, it is also odd the reponse from Creative. Where do you think the drivers came from? Certainly Core isn't up to creating drivers for Creative's hardware.