View Full Version : random black screen crashes

16th Jul 2003, 13:59
I have been trying to play Traod for two weeks now, i cant progress to other levels as my pc randomly crashed say 6mins into game or 45mins into game heay i thought i had a cpu overheating problem, This Fix May only work on ATHLON Processors, i have a XP2000+ well i turned off Multi Threaded and SSE no more crashes no more Peg Leg Graphic Problems or seeing the Bar Mans Head Back to Front

Hope it sorts out some peoples problem

17th Jul 2003, 07:41
i cant find SSE!?

17th Jul 2003, 12:37
Jacky when u launch TRAOD you should see a screen come up with items saying RUN SETTINGS README EXIT go to settings and in the general TAB you will see a Box saying Processor in there you will see Amd 3d now, sse and sse2 it will be greyed out if ur using an ATHLON untick SSE and untick Multi-Thread ok