View Full Version : Graphic Settings - don't understand anything

16th Jul 2003, 07:48

I'm a bit confused with all the different graphic settings before playing the game.

Is there any place where all is explained correctly ?

I have a 9700 Radeon.


16th Jul 2003, 09:11
Some of the settings are common terms you can check over Google, some the programmers made up.

There is no place where all is explained.

What problem do you want to solve.

16th Jul 2003, 10:30

I don't have any problem, I just want to increase frame rate or quality if I can.

Do you think that default values are enough ? I've selected pixel shaders 2.0 but don't know what this thing changes (except frame rate decreased).

I'm just wondering why they propose so much graphic or sounds settings without any explanation (at least a readme.txt would be enough). Sometimes a little box unchecked (or checked) is enough to solve a problem (even a frame rate problem). See the Intel SSE for AMD users post !

So I'll leave everything to default...

Thanks anyway