View Full Version : AOD - she's quite a climber !!!

16th Jul 2003, 03:24
I'm posting this here, cause the AOD people have seen it, but she can climb pretty good !!!
almost looks like real rock climbing.

She can also out shoot and out fight the new Indy, who is faced the wrong way half the time !!! :D

Tomb Raider Fan
16th Jul 2003, 19:57
Yeah she can lcimb pretty good..I also liked the idea of the strength meter as well. That means that Lara can only hang for a certain length of time..That was a cool idea!

Lil Lara
16th Jul 2003, 20:25
I noticed that, too! When climbing something in the louvre storm drains I was like, "whoa she's spider woman!" :p