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16th Jul 2003, 00:43
How do you get out of Margot Carviers Apart.?

John Carter
16th Jul 2003, 00:59
Exit the kitchen, go through the side hall door to the left of the entrance to Carvier's apartment, door outside is at the end of the hall. Move quickly, Inspector Clouseau's boys are in hot pursuit.

16th Jul 2003, 02:27
I love the Pink Panther!:D

16th Jul 2003, 02:52
Don't leave without the book, though. If she doesn't give you the book, play that part again until you get it. And get out quick or like was said before, you'll get caught by the coppers. :)

16th Jul 2003, 06:02
She is hiding it in the microwave. ;)

16th Jul 2003, 08:39
what r u all talking about when i played that level she gave me the book!!!
like in a cut scene after all the talking she asks carvier for it and she hads it over before asking her to leave!

did that happen 4 u?

16th Jul 2003, 09:00
Depending on the way you behave during the conversaion, she either gives you the notebook, or locks you and calls the police... I don't know if you can get the notebook if she doesn't hand it to Lara voluntarily, anyone tried that?

16th Jul 2003, 09:06
Originally posted by GoranAgar
She is hiding it in the microwave. ;)
I wasn't kidding. She is hiding it in the microwave. If she doesn't give you the book you can pick it up yourself.

16th Jul 2003, 10:25
I poisanally thought it was in a drawer under the microwave. :p

But the French are crazy, so you're probably right. *ducks* ;)