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16th Jul 2003, 00:23
Because of glitches and poor character performance defeating Boaz has many PC user frustrated. I used the glitches to my advantage and had Boaz down quickly.
When Boaz is chasing you run strait to a wall then turn and draw your weapon (Pee/oops Pea shooter). Though Boaz attacks you the damage is minimal as long as you are fully against the wall. Shoot the head four times then the green bile shoots at you. End key is target and it does work, its hard to tell when you are out in the open with a character with so much led in his pants. So target those pods and dont waist much ammo if possible. It should only take a couple good shots on each pod.

I hope the next fix puts a major dent in the game issues.
Edios has lost my support from now on.

Have fun gamers!

16th Jul 2003, 10:49
Thats how I did it. If you run out of ammo which I did numerous times, drop the gun using the space bar and run around the room until you get to the ammo. make sure boaz is behind you in order to pick up the ammo. Pick up the ammo, jump and run away, then draw the gun and shoot her in the face and jump towards the backof her and shoot. Everytime I ran out of ammo, a new ammo appeared

Straw Dog
16th Jul 2003, 11:18
Originally posted by KNOWSCORE
drop the gun using the space bar and run around the room until you get to the ammo. Pick up the ammo, jump and run away, then draw the gun

So let me get this straight..you DROPPED your gun..ran over and picked up a clip of ammo and then started firing again..

What the hell did you fire it from if you'd DROPPED your gun????

I don't get it :confused:

16th Jul 2003, 11:26
You have to put he gun back in the holster using space bar in order to run away from boaz or kurtis will keep turning towards boaz.
Do this when you run out of ammo in order to pick up the new clip

16th Jul 2003, 15:24
I used up SO many bulletts trying to kill Boaz it's given me blisters on my fingers (ha, I THINK it was from trying to kill Boaz, hmmm) I follwed your advice Sabbath, but I can't do it. I blame Kurtis, i reckon Lara'd do Boaz no problem ;-) So, anyway, can you tell me if the pods disappear when you hit them? or do they reappear after a time :confused: Cheers.

19th Jul 2003, 03:39

The four top pods disapear, key thing here is that while backed against the wall you should be able to see where your gun is pointing. If it is not pointing at the pod hit target till it is. I think it only points at a certain pod, that was my observation. In other words, I could not select which pod to shoot at. When you are actually hitting the pod, it only takes one or two shots to get it. You may have to side step just a little to get a clean shot.
I did it quickly by changing angles and experimenting.
Good luck.

20th Jul 2003, 17:25
this thing is major bothering shed!!!!!!!!!!

I can't get the back pots to pop, only the front ones :mad: I've tried it for 2+ hour now and still can't pop them. Why ow why isn't there a target switch. Eidos really have gone to far. Why release a game when it isn't even finished and full of bugs. It isn't even optimised :mad:

Does someone have a samegame just before killing this STUPID beast???? If so please send it to j.berns@home.nl


20th Jul 2003, 19:09
er - there is a target switch. On the PC its the same as roll, on the PS2 I think it's square.

As far as I know, you should only be able to shoot the pod which is spewing goo.

Make sure you shoot her in the head a few times to start her spewing at you. Once you've done it once, it becomes easy and you wonder why the hell it took you so long to do it the first time!