View Full Version : Health and stamina bar not showing up!

15th Jul 2003, 23:29
Like the subject line says...the health and stamina bar are not showing up. Or should I say, the meter is showing in the left hand corner but no red or yellow bar is appearing. So now I don't know how much health Laura has. Any suggestions or fixes. I am running Windows XP pro and Radeon 9700 pro with cat. 3.6 drivers.

15th Jul 2003, 23:40
Go into AOD settings --> *Radeon Settings --> Textures...
experiment with your settings. Decreasing "Format RGB" and/or "Format ARGB" fixed the same problem on mine.


* NVDIA Geforce Ti4200 in my system

16th Jul 2003, 00:07
Thanks, JP2Fingers!
By changing the Format ARGB From Compressed DXT5 to Compressed DXT3 the status bar came back!

16th Jul 2003, 00:30
Your welcome!
Hope your sytem (and the eleventy-nine hundred AOD LARA CROFT TR settings) are showing off this game and as well as mine!