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15th Jul 2003, 23:27
Hello every1.. I'm sorryto bother so soon but I need help. (once again.. )
I'm fighting Eckhardt and I'm fine but.. I HAVE NO AMMO.. do i need any? or no? If so, where do I get it?
I have ammo but it's not for the guns I posses??? I dunno.. I need help plz? If you could plz reply soon I would like to try and finish this game tonite!!
Thanks in advanced!!!

15th Jul 2003, 23:38
To call it a fight is a bit of an insult really. You'll need, like, 3 bullets for the fight, and I'm not exaggerating. Do you have 3 bullets, or absolutely nothing?

15th Jul 2003, 23:45
Absolutely ZIP

15th Jul 2003, 23:47
OH... Well, I'm not sure. You need to shoot him 3 seperate times, so that a cutscene plays and you can finish the fight. Is there any ammo on the ground surrounding Eckhardt, or have you saved previously with any ammo?

Just thinking, punching him could work. You'll have to try it though.

15th Jul 2003, 23:53
I can't get around the area around Eckhardt cuz it's like a barrier or somptin? I dunno.. BUT I did look before the fight started and there was no ammo...
No I did not save with more ammo somewhere else.. I used it up on the knights in... some place? lol I think it was the Hall of Seasons.. Not too sure though..
*sigh* I dunno where to go?!?!??!!??!?!?!?!?

15th Jul 2003, 23:56
It's probably ok. You don't shoot at him when he's outside the barrier. You just jump or crouch to avoid his attacks. Then, he conjurs up some clones who enter the central area. Avoid the attack and try and punch Eckhardt. It will probably work. :)

16th Jul 2003, 00:02
:) I hope so. Thank you for ur help owen. *many hugs n kissez*
hehehe u've been my adviser for alot of this game and I appreciate it!! :D Thank you!

16th Jul 2003, 00:07
No probs. I've just tried it on one of my save games and it does work. :)