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15th Jul 2003, 22:41
In the church Lara makes a bet with this guy on his fighters. She Makes a wager; 200 jewels against his "fancy gold watch." I can never win the bet though... I was wondering if there was a specific way to make the bet or something and if anyone has gotten the watch. Thanks in advance

15th Jul 2003, 22:45
i played thru this level a few times due to the fact it has a couple of different paths to follow. it is possible to win the watch but i think its just random, think i played the scene about 6 times as i was curious about this myself and think i won it 3 times betting on different fighters.

just a pointless excersise tho..................................................

unless you wanna trade the watch for a certain pair of double pistols at the pawn shop

which i dont think you can do ???????

15th Jul 2003, 22:48
ok thanks it's too late for me now anyways...im a lot further than that... but i just wanted to know for when i replay it lol.

Lone Raider
16th Jul 2003, 00:23
yeah I got it second time round and sold it for loadsa munny

16th Jul 2003, 10:55
I don't think you bet 200 'jewels', I think that's just the ruffian's pronunciation of 'Euros'.

16th Jul 2003, 14:41
Originally posted by Lone Raider
yeah I got it second time round and sold it for loadsa munny

Loadsa munny? I don't think 150 euro is loadsa munny for a gold watch.:mad:

The bet is absolutely random.

Is there any way btw to get up on the balcony in the church?

16th Jul 2003, 14:44
Push the block by the alter to gain strength. Climb on top, shimmy across the rafters and you're away. :)

16th Jul 2003, 14:57
Thanx but I did that.
I shimmied all the way to the balcony fence (standing on that little edge) but I cannot get over that fence, not even jumping.

Is there something special to find anyway?

(howabout double guns? ;) )

16th Jul 2003, 14:58
the dual pistols might be up there....nudge nudge wink wink

16th Jul 2003, 15:02
Heheheh LOL TR-AOD :D

No really what do I do to get up there?

16th Jul 2003, 15:02
'Fraid not. You can stand on that tiny ledge next to the fence and do a standing jump to get over. There is an item there though. I can't remember what, though.

16th Jul 2003, 15:17
OK, unless I am missing something here (which may be the case, but I highly doubt it) getting the gold watch is pointless. After you see Bouchard and go to the pawn shop to deliver the passports he gives you, the owner is dead. You cannot get into the church to even place the bet until you see Bouchard first. So if you win the watch, how exactly can you trade the watch for anything when the pawn shop dealer is dead?

16th Jul 2003, 15:20
and yes, you can make it to the balcony with the pipe organ, but there are no double pistols there. In fact, unless you have a GameShark or similar device, you will NEVER get double pistols in this game. I have now completed the game from beginning to end 3 times and have started on a 4th and I can say without a doubt that there are NO DOUBLE PISTOLS IN THE GAME.

thank you!, please drive through !:D

16th Jul 2003, 15:25
It is possible to get into the church before U C Bouchard.
It's a church, so the door is always open. ;)

No, seriously, I had no trouble getting into the church, but that was before the cemetary and Bouchard after that.

16th Jul 2003, 16:14
The only item you can't pawn in the game is the sports watch in Francine's apartment, as you can't get back to the pawn shop before seeing Bouchard.

16th Jul 2003, 17:02
OK, I just came to this part again in my 4th outing with this game.
I was able to get into the church this time by using the front door. It must have been some glitch or something as I had tried this before and nothing ever happened. The door remained closed. Kind of like the boarded up doors in the Derelict Apartment Block, you can turn the knob yet no key or amount of force will allow you to open them. Oh well, I still see no point of collecting too much money as it really has not affect on the outcome of the game. You only need enough to purchase info in Prague. The money has little to no use in the rest of the game.

16th Jul 2003, 17:09
Yeah I got it on the second try. I betted on Zak to win and, I had no problem getting into the chruch but, I went to the Herbalist first.

16th Jul 2003, 17:44
You can get onto the balcony there is only a ring or something up there though. Near the box that you use to climb up on the ledge there is one piece of the ledge missing(if you are facing the alter it the window on the left. Climb up into the window ledge and jump on the wood beams. Walk across those until you get to the other side. Watch out for the part near the balcony on the left that will crumble if you walk on them. Also it is possible to get the watch before you meet bouchard. PS. don't piss off bouchard cause he busted a cap in my ass

Tomb Raider Fan
16th Jul 2003, 20:22
The first time i visited the Ring i betted once and won once! YaY! :D

17th Jul 2003, 10:45
Heheheh :D

Yeah jblaze5779,

Don't piss Bouchard off.
I thought let's give'em some attitude, to show who he's dealing with, but the dude gave me a third eye. :rolleyes: