View Full Version : Cheat Enabler: Newbie in need of help

15th Jul 2003, 21:20
Ack! I really need help. Sure, it's not the game itself, but it's technical issues because I can't access it. If this interferes with this board, reply to tell me.

Anyway, I can't access the menu, even if I press 1. I don't know what to do. Could someone help?

5th Aug 2003, 01:03
I have used the cheat enabler. Then I patched the game. Now it does not work. So if you patched the game to 42, you will need to copy out your saved games folder, uninstall the game. Re-Install the game. Do not patch. Now try the enabler and it should work.

Good Luck,

PS, the cheats didn't help. Kurtis still can't beat Boaz.