View Full Version : The officail prima guide book, is it worth me getting it?

15th Jul 2003, 20:04
should i bother buying the official prima guid book for the game?
i always get stuck n things.
but is it ne good?

15th Jul 2003, 20:13
I bought it and thought it was pretty good, the walkthrough is pretty detailed, although it doesn't always show you the alternative routes. And at one point the route it told me to take out of the Louvre Drains didn't work at all for me, but other than that it's good. It does show you alternative routes most of the times I think, like 3 ways of descending the bridge in the Tomb of the Ancients.

There's also more detail on the characters that the manual didn't have and a big section on how to control Lara etc. But I might be a bit overly impressed with this guide, as I don't normally think the Prima guides are that good:)

15th Jul 2003, 20:59
I'd say it's worth getting...it ain't cheap but it's well presented and it should be enough to get you out of any tricky spot. There are plenty of useful hints and tips for dealing with different types of enemies, and I appreciated the guide to all Lara's weapons, as they confused me at first and I didn't know which ones to use.
As someone already said, it has profiles of all the characters as well...and ooh, a nice big free poster with Lara and Kurtis, which is currently adorning my spare room wall :cool:

15th Jul 2003, 21:02
the guide is well put together but the screens are so dark on the dark background its hard to see....and i wish the poster didnt not have kurtis in it!

15th Jul 2003, 21:17
How big is the poster?
How extensive are the character profiles? (in relation to the ones on the official site)
What 'exclusive' artwork is included?
Will this guide help me find Jesus?


15th Jul 2003, 21:43
The poster is 29 inches high x 23 inches wide.
There isn't really any more info on the characters than you'd find on the website....there are pictures of all the character throughout the book but I don't think any of them are exclusive-if it's bios and artwork you're after, you'd be better off with the official companion-published by some gaming magazine, a lot cheaper than the strategy guide.

I didn't see Jesus in there, but you never know.

15th Jul 2003, 21:55
you didnt see jesus cause you odnt knwo what page....he was on

but i saw him in there!

15th Jul 2003, 23:15
The book costs around $30 here in Australia, and considering the game cost me $90, my option was download a FREE walkthrough off the internet! I'd just paid a $600 vet bill it wasn't an option to get the book at that point and time.