View Full Version : When do you meet Kurtis?

15th Jul 2003, 19:56
when do you meet Kurtis? ive see him a few times...so when does Lara and Kurtis finally speak to each other?:rolleyes:

15th Jul 2003, 20:11
i havnt actually met him but from what i hear its near the end of the game

15th Jul 2003, 20:22
In the bio research thingy. Kurtis will lock lara up in there and then you play with him. You need to switch the power back on and then he releases lara and you play with lara again.

15th Jul 2003, 20:26
*Avert ye eyes now if'n ye don't want to see any storyline spoilers*

First contact with Kurtis is a wordless encounter at the end of the 2nd Lourve level (after you have the painting). It's a rather steamy encounter with Kurtis disarming Lara like most of wish we only could :).

They don't speak until later when he locks her in an air lock and tells her off for making such a mess of things. This is when you first play Kurtis for a short time.

They meet and talk two more times. Allying when Kurtis comes back to let her out of the airlock after his level.


Edit: When I returned to cafe Metro with Piere's Box he speaks of someone in the cafe listening when I intitially spoke with him to get the mission. I didn't remember seeing anyone but figured it was Kurtis, who we first see riding off on his Harely near the Serpent Rouge. Well, it turns out that's not when we first see him... I started a new game today (which is bugged - the menu won't work properly and when you press escape to return to the game its a black screen :)). Anyway, when I got to the Cafe Metro I noticed again the Harely that is outside. Kurt's, I realised. And there he was inside, sat in a corner reading the paper. If you approach him he shoo's you away with a hand until you leave him be. Just one of a few things I've discovered playing the game over :)

15th Jul 2003, 21:52
**********more spoilers****************

That's one of the reasons I like Kurtis so much. Lara is kind of scary, being so tough and self-confident. Well, I think I would possibly find her a little intimidating if we met in real life. I love the way Kurtis has the cheek to take her guns away, steal her painting and lock her in a lift whilst rebuking her for screwing things up. It's as though Miss Croft has finally met her match. Not that he's better than she is! but that he is her equal, someone she can work with on a level.
I also liked that Lara got a bit of her own back later on in the game by jumping Kurtis then throwing him against the wall and running her hand over his chest while removing his blade. Saucy lass ;)