View Full Version : Can't Attack?

15th Jul 2003, 18:57
I'm sorry if this is in the wrong forum, but I wonder if it's not more a technical issue. On the "training" level I'm at the very start standing before the insanely barking dog and want to attack. I'm as close to him as I can get with him still not able to hurt me and I'm hitting the action button like wildly, both on the keyboard and the mouse, I've tried both, but I can't get Lara do to ANYTHING. If there another key stroke I need to be hitting to use the Hand-To-Hand combat?

15th Jul 2003, 19:12
I have that same problem i think you cannot attack dog because it is chained up it works when you reach the guy on top of this level when you pick up the key sneak up on the dude and hit action alot

15th Jul 2003, 19:13
ok, thanks.