View Full Version : Look-Around Button ?

15th Jul 2003, 17:59
I always try to use the Num 0 Button for "looking around", but nothing works - with or without the offical patch.

What shall I do to make the Button function? (Num Lock is certainly off)

15th Jul 2003, 19:13
hold down your sprint key and use the arrow keys up & down

16th Jul 2003, 07:39
It happened to me and it seems that you cannot use the look-around function in every area (most of the time impossible in small rooms).

Try again in a different place.

16th Jul 2003, 09:54
Turn the num lock on :)

18th Jul 2003, 12:00
Had the same problem for ages as I have no seperate number pad on the laptop keyboard. Then I finally read somewhere else in the forum that Sprint button replaces the 0 key and Voila! Ihave full vision. (except as you say in many situations, small rooms etc, etc.... damned annoying.)

18th Jul 2003, 23:02
yes, it works now at me, too. but how can i get lara to sprint?

18th Jul 2003, 23:07
in one part of the game, I think it was in the Louvre she'll make an arsed comment on how extremely her legs grew stronger (sigh)and all of the sudden u can sprint.. so before that u can't sprint..

its only logical that u first need nuf power in yr legs before u can sprint no?