View Full Version : Killing the Proto?

15th Jul 2003, 17:49
How do you kill the proto wolf thing? I run out of ammo, and there is ammo on the floor, but the thing jumps on you too much, and kurtis isnt' the fastest thing around either. The aiming system sucks SO bad in the game too. I'd be running down a hallway, and he would be aiming at something in the wall! and the camera! there are so many times i couldn't see what i was shooting or what was coming at me. Talk about annoying as hell

15th Jul 2003, 17:54
you will run out of ammo unless you made it thru to that point without using any... after shooting it it will play dead and run after the 4th time or 5th he will disappear. keep picking up ammo on floor and walking back as you shoot it. then you can pull lever gl