View Full Version : HELP HELP HELP BOAZ KILING ME 99999th TIME

15th Jul 2003, 16:12
Can anyone tell how to kill that big fly??? i shote four times to her face then i can shot to her back but then i shot one off those things from the back she atacks me again can i shoot all four at once?? ONE PROBLEM I HAVE NO AMMO MUCH, ONLY 36 bulets so HOW TO KILL THIS THING BULETS shoting by 2 so i have only 17 shots .THANK YOU FOR HELP !

16th Jul 2003, 02:14
Sorry,but u can't shoot all the 4 things @ once.
Still, every time u waste all your ammo, there is a clip that appears somewhere in the arena.
Just look 4 it!
Good luck!

Tony Ellen
16th Jul 2003, 06:00
Shoot her in the face and flip out of the way quickly do this four times and then she will start sending that green stuff at you, that's when you shoot the green circular pods on the side of her back. If you are trying to switch targets but that doesn't work try using the jump button while shooting. It should be really easy but you're running low on ammo so that makes it messed up!

bonnie :)
16th Jul 2003, 07:49
Is this with the PS2? If so, use the SQUARE (not triangle) button to switch targets. If on PC, I guess it would be the roll button. If you plan well, you should be able to defeat Boaz with the amount of ammo you have, plus there is a clip on the ground. :)Be sure to grab that clip BEFORE you shoot all 4 pods!