View Full Version : Help No Ammo Boaz Atacking:????

15th Jul 2003, 16:02
Can anyone tell how to kill that big fly??? i shote four times to her face then i can shot to her back but then i shot one off those things from the back she atacks me again can i shoot all four at once?? ONE PROBLEM I HAVE NO AMMO MUCH, ONLY 36 bulets so HOW TO KILL THIS THING BULETS shoting by 2 so i have only 17 shots .THANK YOU FOR HELP !

15th Jul 2003, 16:03
Erm, I'm not sure if this is going to help, but I had to load a slightly earlier save game, as I wasted too much ammo on the first part. Unless there's some ammo on the ground somewhere, you could be stuck. :( Backpeddling and shooting is the key to not getting hit though.

15th Jul 2003, 16:06
There is 1 clip of ammo on that map that aways respawns when you are empty.

Search around the arena and you will see it. Once you use all the rounds it will reapear there at the same place.

15th Jul 2003, 18:57
I am at the same stage, only 1 pod blown off and am out of ammo, the only thing is when ever I go to pick up the new ammo she is right behind me and Kurtis is so freeking slow I am getting killed instantly as soon as I have it in his hand.... its driving me nuts. I wish I had an infinate ammo cheat to wipe this B*tch.